Thursday, December 06, 2012

Carroll Gardener Releasing New Album With Band "The Vital Might" Tomorrow

The Vital Might

Musician Andy Milk has been a busy man. He got married in 2011, moved to Carroll Gardens with his new wife in September '12 and his band The Vital Might is just about to release its 3rd full-length album, The Eclipse.

He and the band will be performing at Bar4, 444 7th Ave. in Park Slope at the album's release party tomorrow, Friday, December 7th, 2012 at 9 PM

From the band's press release: "Art-rockers THE VITAL MIGHT release their third LP, The Eclipse, on December 11th through their Bandcamp page. The Eclipse introduces more straightforward romantic themes than previous albums, as singer/songwriter/guitarist Andy Milk wrote most of the lyrics from a seaside Cape Cod cottage leading up to his 2011 nuptials. The band calls it "music to fall in love to at the end of the world."

More information about the band and upcoming appearances on its Facebook page, click  here.To listen to "This Approach",  a single from the new album, click here.

Welcome to the neighborhood, Andy!


Anonymous said...


I hope you'll forgive this off-topic comment and indulge me for a minute: Is there any reason you've stopped covering the proposed CG homeless shelter?

Your coverage was basically key in getting cattention paid to this matter, and the story keeps on developing. Yet there hasn't been any coverage on PFMA for a while.

A big fan of yours,

Katia said...

Hi Matt,
I know I really neglected the topic, but it has been picked up by other much bigger sites and local newspapers, so I thought I could continue covering the issues that tradition media stay away from.

It is sometimes hard to cover everything as a lone blogger.

I promise I will catch up.