Thursday, December 06, 2012

On Saturday Night, Trinity College 'Pipes' Will Be Caroling Through Carroll Gardens

Once again, the Trinity Pipes will meet up in Carroll Gardens to carol through the streets of the neighborhood. The Pipes are all former members of Trinity College's a cappella group, who independently moved to Brooklyn and reconnected in our fair borough. For the sixth straight year, they will be treated Carroll Gardeners to their beautiful voices.

This Saturday, December 8th, the Pipes will start caroling on Clinton Street at the corner of Union Street and then zig-zag between Smith and Hoyt Street until they "need a hot toddy at some place on Smith Street."

If anyone in the neighborhood wants to put in a suggestion of where they should stop to carol, and it's within the hood, the Pipes will gladly take suggestions! Just post a comment below.

Make sure you catch them. They are truly amazing.
Here are some videos from years past, just in case you don't catch up with them on Saturday evening.


BookDrink said...

I'm a Trinity graduate who lives in the neighborhood and I knew others who do. What time will this be happening?

bklynturtle said...

My Alma Mater! Hope you can stop by and sing for us at By Brooklyn! We close at 8pm.

Erik on 3rd Place said...

Come to 95 Third Place between Clinton and Court. My parents from NJ and my fiancee's family from South Carolina will be in town for a tree-trimming party. Would love to have some carolers set the mood outside!

A Pipe said...

Erik, We will try to get down to 3rd but I suspect that might be further south than we will go. We typically are around Carroll/President up to Baltic/Butler. I will take your address with us, though. We'll see! @BookDrink: Where are you? We head out at about 10.