Friday, March 15, 2013

Great News For Neighborhood Gardeners: Gowanus Nursery To Re-Open March 23rd

(photo credit: Gowanus Nursery)
Best news for all neighborhood gardeners and certain proof that spring is most definitely around the corner. After their yearly winter hiatus, the Gowanus Nursery is re-opening next week-end. I can hardly wait.
From their Facebook page:
With many projects still under way, it is with sweat on our brow that we mention our opening date, March 23rd, 2013March hours: Saturday and Sunday 11-5 Early April Hours: 10-6 Thursday through Sunday.
9 Carroll Street, Brooklyn, NY.
(718) 852-3116


Anonymous said...

I never went back there. Although her staff is relatively helpful , the owner, after all the money I had spent there at both former locations, was always cold and spiteful. Sorry.
Nice selection but cold reception.

Anonymous said...

I agree. The owner needs some serious attitude adjustment. Her demeanor is not appreciated.

Anonymous said...

Too bad you've all had that experience. I have had only the opposite. Michele has been always helpful and attentive.... always ready (time permitting) to discuss my garden and any questions regarding my garden and gardening and plants in general.