Monday, April 08, 2013

Carroll Park Pétanque Club: Join And Come Play In The Park On Saturday Mornings

Now that the weather has become a trifle warmer, a group of pétanque aficionados have formed the Carroll Park Pétanque Club and have gotten together in the park at 9:30Am every Saturday morning.
Besides the obvious fun, the goal is to get a team together to compete in this summer's Bastille Day pétanque tournament  on Smith Street.

So, if you would like to join, bring your boules and head over to the park next Saturday.  All are welcomed.  The team has been playing on the court near the monument, directly across PS 58.
Ask for Dan.
And stay tuned for more info.

Carroll Park Pétanque Club
in Carroll Park
Saturday Mornings at 9:30 AM
(weather permitting)


Anonymous said...

In my last 20 or so visits, I haven't seen any one inside the locked "private" court area in the last year. Maybe it's time for that area to be opened to all?

Anonymous said...

oh look at those foreigners...the neighborhood is gone!!!(gasp)

Anonymous said...

The key is available in the park office.

Anonymous said...

I hate to disappoint you.........but all the people in the picture are "locals" who live in the neighborhood (including me who has been here for 34 years)