Monday, April 08, 2013

Organizer Of 'Brooklyn Night Bazaar' Applying For Seasonal Outdoor License For Gowanus Site

Aaron Broudo, the creator and organizer of Brooklyn Night Bazaar, a late night flea market held previously at the DeKalb Market in Downtown Brooklyn and in Williamsburg, wants to bring a similar event to the shores of the Gowanus Canal.

Community Board 6 was recently notified of Broudo's intent to apply for an outdoor Seasonal Liquor License under Brooklyn Bazaar LLC, for 226-242 Huntington Street in Gowanus. The applicant is scheduled to appear for a review of the application before CB6's Environmental Protection/Permits & Licenses Committee on April 22.

The Huntington Street site, situated between Smith Street and the Gowanus Canal, belongs to John Quadrozzi of Quadrozzi Concrete Corporation.

Past bazaars have featured everything from artisanal crafts, food vendors, live music, d.j.s,  dancing, as well as a wine and beer garden.  The events have drawn big crowds and the applicant indicated that 600 plus patrons are expected nightly.   According to a rumor going around, attendance in Gowanus could be more likely 4,000 to 4,500 patrons nightly.

Broudo  eventually scaled down the size and the length of the event, and moved it first to the DeKalb Market for a one night stand, and to Williamsburg for a five week run in late 2012.

It has also been indicated that Broudo would like to start the bazaar at the Gowanus location in May and go through the summer.
It will be interesting to see how the Carroll Gardens/ Gowanus community will react to the proposal.  Even more interesting will be to see how members of CB6 will vote.

If you would like to attend  CB 6's meeting where this proposal will be discussed, read below:

April 22
6:30 PM
Old First Reformed Church
729 Carroll Street
(corner of 7th Avenue)
Brooklyn, NY 11215


Anonymous said...

This seems like a perfect spot for something like this, there are no neighbors to bother and could bring life to that area.

Anonymous said...

Please, NO! 3000 people plus is way too many people - and drinking, too? I wish they would just go away.

Anonymous said...

Wow. A party in a cement field sounds great. Next to a super fund site? Sign me up!!

Rob said...

Mr. Sunday never suffered from it's location and so far neither is Lavender Lounge.

Anonymous said...

"No neighbors to bother"? Yeah, I live at the corner of Smith and Huntington and, trust me, we'd be bothered.

Anonymous said...

Residents of Carroll Gardens must do everything in their power to stop will completely destroy our quality of life.

Wendy said...

No neighbors!? Have you BEEN over here?

Anonymous said...

It says the entrance is on 9th street and if they face the music towards the canal, there is no one close on 3 sides of them.. The back end of 505 Court and a few buildings on Huntington will maybe be noisier for a few weekends a year... It could be a boom for the restaurants and bars on the lower end of Court Street, not to mention all the independent artists, vendors, restaurants within the bazaar.

You live in NYC, things change... If you want peace and quiet, maybe the burbs are a better place for you.

Anonymous said...

I'm confused by the comment of "no neighbors to bother"? Have you been to the area? It's full of families and kids and we will definitely be bothered by 600+ (& for sure 4000+) people partying and drinking all night long!

Anonymous said...

I think that people here need to get a grip - this is a cultural arts event, not a crazy rager (last call will be at 11:30! there is arts and crafts and art installations! the music will be in an insulated space) - you all really need to calm down and have some perspective. This is Brooklyn, we are supposed to be on the cutting edge of the arts scene. This NIMBY nonsense has got to stop. Move to Westchester if you don't want cool hipsters coming to check out art in your neighborhood.

Anonymous said...

Events like this are what make Brooklyn special and why people like us choose to live in this neighborhood in the first place, we should not forget that.

Nicolas Anderson said...

"That" is not what makes Brooklyn special. From the pictures on the website, All I see is superficial drunk idiots full of themselves. Can't they do it where they already live? We, the neighbors, don't need extra "life" in the area, we have plenty of it and of the kind that one can choose for oneself; not some hipsterish crap imposed on us through the windows. Art? Please..

Nicolas Anderson said...

Ironic that hipsters are coming to our home from their burbs advising us to move there. But again, you love irony...
We don't want your "life" thank you. And this is not cutting edge art scene, this is just snobbish superficial gathering of self centered idiots..

Anonymous said...

To Anonymous @ 11:46, what families live on Huntington east of Smith? Have YOU actually been down there? It's a vacant lot up against the elevated portion of the F/G line and the canal. It's not Carroll Park. Anyone that pointed out that not many people live down there is right, not many people do because there isn't a lot of housing right underneath the train. This isn't a quiet area to begin with. An elevated train runs right through it 24/7. It's the fringe of Carroll Gardens that impacts the least amount of people who live here.