Monday, April 08, 2013

Teafee On Court Street Now Open To Serve "The Best Of Both Brews"


Brothers Meno and David Fernandez opened Teafee at 517 Court Street just two weeks ago and things have been going very well.  As the name suggests, the place offers 'the best of both brews' in any variation from steamed to iced and the reasonable prices make the additional walk to the corner of 9th Street quite worth it.
Aside from Ceylon, China Green and Jasmine,  the selection of teas includes a wide assortment of other herbal and fruit teas.  Or try a cup of the visual appealing blooming tea, which is steeping on the counter.
The coffee bar serves up french pressed, espresso, cappuccino and latt├ęs from beans supplied by Dallis Brothers.    And for those with a sweet tooth,   the place offers backed goods as well.  For  those who prefer to brew at home,  a display in the back is stocked with various brewing machines and tea pots.
Iced tea flavors will change daily and the special drink of the place is the 'teafee', a blend of tea and coffee concentrate.  It's actually quite good.

Teafee will be hosting a grand opening celebration on Saturday, April 13th and Sunday, April 14th. Make sure to stop by.


Anonymous said...

The combination of having almost zero food (nothing besides that small pastry case on the counter) and the location will be the unfortunate end of them. The people that commute past Teaffe aren't the folks north of 9th St. with disposable income, it's the Red Hook folks. The median income in Red Hook is $16K per year last I heard. That doesn't leave a lot of disposable income for coffee and tea at those prices. They need to draw people north of 9th St. to them and to do that they need food too (more than they have). Otherwise, they don't last a year.

Anonymous said...

I hope these guys do well. They are super nice and eager to be a neighborhood staple. I went in there once and they offered me generous portions of each item that I inquired about.

Rock Compound Recording said...

I hope they do well too. I've been in there a couple of times and their coffee is good and the people are nice.

Anonymous said...

I just moved about a block away from here less than two weeks ago, and was actually very pleased to see a coffee shop just opening up right as I moved in. One of my concerns about the area was a lack of cafes where you could sit/read/work/etc. (I'm coming from Manhattan, where I lived right near Think Coffee, Bowery Coffee, Housing Works, etc.) Black Gold doesn't have any tables, Canteen looks like it's always packed and closes very early, etc. So far, I've been going to Teafee and Le Petite Cafe. Sure, Teafee could have a funkier design/vibe, but it's got a decent amount of seating (and wifi), and the staff is very friendly.

Anonymous said...

They aren't good, they're terrible overpriced, I had to wait like forever, disgusting

Anonymous said...

So far ive been there three times and the staff was amazingly informed about all the coffees i inquired about.. my latte was above average, and was exactly the taste i would expect coming from a "high-end looking" coffee joint. pretty impressed. as for there teas i have taken a couple of bags home and compared to the kind i get from the store, well lets just say i use teafee teas for thoses special moments at home :) in all im very pleased!

- New Yorker