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Thursday, September 19, 2013

UPDATE: After Monday Night's Incidents, A Police Officer Will Be Stationed In Carroll Park Starting This Afternoon

Here is the news that many have been waiting for since Monday's fight that involves as many as twenty teen-agers in Carroll Park and shots fired close to the park later the same day.
Assemblywoman Millman's office just sent out the following press release:
Over the last few days, Assemblywoman Millman has spoken multiple times with Deputy Inspector Schiff of the 76th Precinct regarding the incidents that happened Monday in and around Carroll Park. Starting today (Thursday), there will be an officer stationed in Carroll Park from 3pm-6pm. 
Deputy Inspector Schiff will be in the park as well this afternoon. 
Finally, the next meeting of the Precinct Community Council has been rescheduled to Tuesday October 1st at the Miccio Center at 110 West 9th Street in Red Hook, 7:30pm. The precinct will provide transportation to anyone that needs it to the center.

This will certainly reassure many in the neighborhood. However, I must admit that I am still surprised that the 76th Precinct has not issued its own statement or update to the community.

Assemblywoman Joan Millman with Deputy Inspector Schiff 
of the 76th Precinct in Carroll Park this afternoon
(photo courtesy of the Assemblywoman's office)


Anonymous said...

Why only until 6:00? There are still families and many people in the park until 8:00 PM, the time the shooting occurred. It's nice that someone will be there but would make more sense to stick around until the time when "things" happen.

counterfugue said...

I was going to ask about the time, also.

I communicated with Millman and Lander's offices today, as well as a call to the 76th. The party line seems to be a) we're on the trail
b) there are undercover cops in the park
c) go to the precinct meeting.

Look, it's NYC, and I get that a couple of gun shots don't stop the world from turning. And I agree with Katia's husband in the NYT article that things happen sometimes.

BUT, the serious inaction and lack of concern by the 76th to prevent anything further is what really bothers me. Bad enough we hardly ever see the cops on beat. Or that they seem to spend all of their time parking their cars on Union street. Or that the only law enforcement I ever see is the metermaids.

What about the stabbing the other night? (See DNAInfo.)

What about the cellphone muggings? In the daytime? On the corner of HICKS and UNION (a block from the station)?

I watch the mob of kids leave the schools every day and it's really unruly, and intimidating to a lot of our older residents. Nary a cop. I watched a girl get beat up for her ipod, at the school, at 4:00pm. There's never a cop nearby. Really, almost never.

I'm not looking for a police state. But sheesh, get out there 76th. ESPECIALLY after incidents like this. ESPECIALLY if it seems like it is escalating.

And Lander's office, well you folks really need to stop defending the 76. (IN an email sent to me.) They are called the "Country Club" for a reason.

Anonymous said...

I have the same reaction to the time...3-6 pm only. Seriously?? Common sense dictates: A uniformed officer should be there at least until 8pm, augmented by undercover officers, especially now that it's getting dark earlier.

Anonymous said...

Why has the meeting been moved to 110 W 9th St. Even if transportation is provided, I won't be able to make it to that location. I have small children at home and was hoping to attend only part of the meeting which I could have done if it were at the Precinct on Union as usual. Why, when parents of kids using the park are most interested in attending a meeting about Carroll Park, is the meeting suddenly moved to a remote location which will be difficult for people to attend? Time to engage the 76th Public Affairs Officer, Detective Grudzinski - he is usually responsive to our concerns - his number (718) 834-3207.