Thursday, December 19, 2013

Very Brazen Robbery At The Satori On Bond Street In Gowanus Yesterday


Images and video recorded by Satori's security camera yesterday morning.
The robber is recorded about 25 seconds into the video

Here is a bit or worrisome news for residents in Carroll Gardens and Gowanus. I just got news of a rather brazen robbery at the Satori building on Bond Street.
Matt McCarthy, one of Satori's residents just end me the email below:

"I wanted to inform you that my building at 342 Bond Street (the Sartori building at the corner of Bond and President) was broken into yesterday morning at 06:20. A man picked the front lock, went immediately to the basement, cut the pipes to some of the water heater units, and left. The whole thing took less than 2 minutes. This caused irreparable damage to all of the 10 units in the building. We were without any water yesterday and will be without hot water until at least tonight when the units and piping will be replaced (at significant cost). We were all amazed that such a crime would occur at all, let alone at a time of morning when it is very likely people will be walking through the front door on their way to work.
One piece of good news is that a few years back we all agreed to get a fairly high-end camera system installed around the building and we have high quality pictures and videos of the robbery.
I know you have a large readership in the neighborhood and thought you might be willing to put up a post about this. The NYPD is involved, but I think it would be a good thing to notify others in the neighborhood. I see no reason why this person won't repeat this in the area".

We all heard of copper pipes being stolen out of buildings under construction, but honestly, this kind of vandalism in a fully occupied building is really kind of scary. The fact that this robbery only took two minutes would suggest that the thief knew his way around, or has done this often enough.

Please share this information and be on the look- out for any suspicious activity and report it to the 76th Precinct by calling 911 or dialing the direct number: (718) 834-3211.


SimpleTwig Architecture said...

Bond and Carroll Street. Isn't the main entrance off Carroll Street?

If they are grabbing pipes they are perhaps driving. I'd check for local recycling spaces that pay for copper. Take the photo/video.
Looks like you need a better lock and outdoor camera too, considering the remote feel of Bond Street.

Anonymous said...

Additionally he was pushing a red shopping cart. Looked like maybe a Target one.

dash said...

This is an unfortunate incident but the removal of copper pipes did not cause "irreparable damage."

Anonymous said...

Because of the way the pipe was removed the water heaters could not be repaired, and all 10 have to be replaced. Thus, irreparable.

Anonymous said...

You can't repair sheet rock after it's been flooded either. You have to pull it out and replace it. That's irreparable to me.

dash said...

It's all fixable though. Irreparable would mean that it can't be fixed at all.