Friday, December 20, 2013

Vegas Style Lighting For New Nail Salon On Court Street

Smith Street II during the day 
and at night below.
(photo courtesy of Serra Hirsch)

What is it with new businesses insisting on Vegas-Style lighting in the neighborhood?
A few weeks back, the new Investors Bank on Court Street illuminated the night sky with a brightly lit awning.  After neighbors complained to headquarters, the bank dimmed them.
Now Smith II , the new nail salon  at 354 Court Street, has just installed some rather offensive storefront lighting around their Pepto Bismol-colored awning.  And the place hasn't even opened yet. Reader Serra sent in the photo above this morning.
One could have made an argument that a bank needs lights for security, but a nail salon?

By the way, the name of the place is a bit confusing. Yes, it is called 'Smith II', but it is on Court Street between President Street and Union Street. Actually, the awning first read Suit II, but the spelling mistake was fixed.
Apparently, the store is owned by the owner of Smith Nails on Smith Street.


Anonymous said...

Awful....the bank awning was dripping buckets when snow was melting. Annoying and ugly.

Anonymous said...

The deli on Smith and Sackett. The landlords have just turned the adjacent space into another nail salon.
This place on Court is unreal. There must be something weird going on. There is a nail salon for every man, woman and child. And dog. And squirell. Always these places have some kind of boss man. I don't get it.