Sunday, December 22, 2013

From Brooklyn With Gratitude: Wishing You All Happy Holidays!

The tree is up, the garland has been hung on the fence, the cookies have been baked and life has slowed down just a wee bit to enjoy the coming days with family. I love this time of year.
I would like to take this opportunity to wish all my Carroll Gardens friends, neighbors, and readers all the best during this time of celebration. Thank you for all your support and encouragement, the wonderful comments, and most importantly, your engagement. Though Pardon Me For Asking started as a personal journal to capture the neighborhood in pictures and to document the changes I saw take place, you have all become such an important part of it all.

With much gratitude, Katia


Agnes said...

Thank you for sharing your warm holiday cheerfulness with us, Katia. Your decorations are so lovely and in the spririt of the season. Thank you, and happy holidays to you and your family.

Katia said...

Agnes, the same to you and to your family. All the best, Katia

Anonymous said...

Do you hide a pickle on your tree? There was always one on the tree when I was growing up and I continue the tradition with my family. Happy holidays. Kathleen

Jim said...

What agnes said.

Katia said...

Kathleen, I was always wondering about pickle ornaments. What's the significance?

Jim, thanks.

Anonymous said...

When I was a kid I was told the pickle was a German tradition and whoever found the pickle on Christmas morning would get an extra gift and would have good luck throughout the new year. I have since learned it is an American tradition started when the glass balls and other decorations were 1st being sold in stores. Hmmm, another Hallmark tradition? In my family, whoever finds it gets extra hugs throughout the day and into the new year. Just a fun Christmas tradition.

Katia said...

Perhaps I need a pickle ornament.

Jenny said...

Happy Holidays, Katia! Thank you for keeping us up to date on the neighborhood happenings. You're a neighborhood gem.

Katia said...

I just blushed, Jenny. Thanks so much.

Unknown said...

Happy Holidays from California. Our Gowanus family will be with us this season. Thanks, Katia, for providing another window into their world.
Ron H.

Katia said...

Oh, how wonderful, Ron. There is nothing better than having family around for the Holidays. Enjoy!