Friday, January 17, 2014

Bar San Miguel Just Opened On Smith Street

It may be winter outside, but step into Bar San Miguel,  Carroll Gardens' new Mexican eatery at 307 Smith Street, and enjoy the wonderful warm atmosphere created by partners Jim Cramer, Lisa Detweiler and Regina Myers, who also owns Black Mountain Winehouse and Union Grounds in the neighborhood.
Expect no Texmex food here.  The decor, the menu, as well as the drinks are traditional Mexican and inspired by San Miguel DeAllende, a city in central Mexico, where Cramer and Detweiler own a home.
As Regina Myers,  explained to me, the bar is an attempt to "bring a bit of Mexico home with them, so that they can feel as though they are on vacation all the time."
In so doing, they have succeeded in creating a great place for everyone else to relax, share a drink and enjoy some simple, fresh food at reasonable prices.
So stop by.  Bar San Miguel is now open.


Allyn Howard said...

YAY! Look forward to trying it. I like a little place down near me, but pretty pricey for what you get. Love Mexican :) Thx for sharing. Happy 2014!

Anonymous said...

This looks nice, and I'll definitely give them a shot soon. But...

Just want to plug La Slowteria in the 'hood. It is currently our favorite place to dine. Run, don't walk!

Anonymous said...

Any word on when Mad Dog and Beans (another Mexican joint) opening in the old Arthur spot? Seems the hood is about to get a flux of tequila.

Katia said...

They seem to still be working on that place.

Trumbull Bully said...

Oh how I miss Ciro's...

Anonymous said...

at first i thought the name was inspired by san miguel beer - a popular beer in europe but is actually a philippine beer.

Outlaw said...

A great addition to the neighborhood. No crazy prices, lovely drinks, and the food was great. It's a nice place to go have some drinks and a bunch of small plates until you realize you just had dinner!

Lucy said...

We were loyal patrons of Ciro's before they closed, so we weren't sure we'd be able to like the restaurant that took its place, but we went on Saturday night and it was very enjoyable. We had two dishes that were delicious and VERY nicely priced. Great atmosphere, too. Definitely will go back!

Anonymous said...

What nice pictures. I like the decor and entranceway. The ceramic glasses and other ceramics are also really attractive. I look forward to going there.


Anonymous said...

Loved Ciro's too. Anyone know what happened to them?