Thursday, January 16, 2014

So Long, Classic Impressions On Court Street

Long before there was Rite Aid on Smith Street, way before CVS came to Court Street, Classic Impressions at 296 Court Street supplied Carroll gardeners with greeting cards, wrapping paper, and gifts.  Now, sadly,  after more than a decade in the neighborhood,  the store is closing.
The owner of Classic Impression mentioned that a rent hike romped the closure.
Currently, the store's remaining stock is discounted by 50%.
A sister store in Bay Ridge will remain open.


Frederick_F said...

The owner also mentioned that Classic Impressions will be replaced by a gym.

Anonymous said...

I loved this place and most always bought cards from them. They have that great old style facade. I'm glad they have the other store but worry the new tenant will rip out the front. Many will miss them.

Anonymous said...

I am not surprised that they have closed; I am surprised that they lasted this long. I remember when they opened 10 years ago and there were several other card stores on Court Street. That kind of business in an anachronism.

Margaret said...

They had great stuff in there, and I am sorry they had to leave. Great neghborhood store.

Anonymous said...

This was my go-to place for cards. So sad about this! And do we really need another gym in the neighborhood?

C.G. Family since before St. Agnes said...

While the store front was old style, the new owners/operators were NEW style.

For the past 5+ years this place was run by a Rude, Nasty, Disinterested staff trying to be peddlers of Over-priced, low quality goods. If you're sad, they you really should have been sad to have seen the original incarnation of that shop disappear - - - Back then it was a true Gift Shoppe that left a true Classic Impression.

Anonymous said...

Hmmmm the person who said that the person who ran the store was rude and nasty? Are you talking about Eddie? He was the nicest and kindest person you ever wanted to meet..maybe it was the nasty yuppies that made him that way? Or did they even go in there because they couldn't by "One of these and one of that" Uggghhhh