Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Comment Of The Day: Numerous Explosions

Vinny has left the following comment on the post "Underground Fire On Court Street This Afternoon":
Ah, just saw this about 40 minutes ago myself. Court Street blocked off between Union & President, Con Ed on the scene but there also NUMEROUS explosions in the couple minutes I was watching, with more & more smoke pouring out.
In other news, the always horrible Rite Aid on Smith St between Union & Carroll lives up to their reputation by barely shoveling ANY of the sidewalk. Perhaps I'll submit a photo both here and Rite Aid CEO, public relations etc.
Rite Aid at Smith Street at President Street late afternoon today.
(photo by Vinny) 


Anonymous said...

that Rite Aid is the one those of us in cobble hill consider fancy and trudge to when we can't take another second in line at the one on Smith and Warren.

Anonymous said...

This Rite Aid is TERRIBLE. And I would love to know why a company of this size can't buy more mature trees to put out front, the small young ones they keep putting in keep dying.

C.G. since before St. Agnes said...

First things first -

This new staff in Rite Aid is much, much nicer than ANY other team that's ever worked there.

That being said, NO - Rite Aid is NOT good at snow removal. They did it again yesterday - - - minimal snow removal on the 1st place side and only a bit better on the Court Street side. However, I understand they RENT the space - they don't own, so unless it's in their lease to shovel, this is a Building Owner issue. (But it is good customer service & neighborly to shovel better paths.)

C.G. Family since before St. Agnes said...


It's not just Rite Aid who doesn't shovel - CHASE Bank on Court & Carroll does little - - - However, in this case it's the cheap Landlord, the owner of the dance school. It's up to her to have the sidewalks done - and she barely ever does the walk in front of her own house (right next door)

And the Yoga place on the corner of Smith & Court. (The former hair salon) They did their own stairs but didn't TOUCH the sidewalks - they do this all the time.

Also, SeerSucker - as of 8:05 this morning they have a 4 inch thick slab of ice along the entire sidewalk. (Just becasue they don't open on Monday and they won't open again until 6:00 tonight, it doesn't mean they can ignore their responsibility.)

School on Carroll & Smith did a horrible job this time, too. Hardly any salt and very slick, icy sidewalks - and they didn't clear a path at the curb for the kids to be dropped off by bus or car. Again, this is as of 8:00 this morning.

NEWS FLASH: NYC Law requires building owners to remove snow/ice from their sidewalks within 2 hours of "Snow Cessation" - - - In other words, it stopped snowing last night by 7:00 p/m your sidewalks MUST be cleared & salted by 9:00 p/m - LAST Night

Anonymous said...

I think we need a separate post to to out all the businesses who don't shovel. Yesterday noon, Hunter's on Smith St had done nothing. I wish I had caught the name of the new restaurant down that way who had a guy with a plastic shovel - which was pretty ineffective - and someone who was filling buckets with hot water and throwing it on the several inches of ice on their sidewalk. Same principle as a Zamboni. The ice could not have been more slick.