Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Underground Fire On Court Street This Afternoon

The photo above was sent in by reader Andrew. He writes:
"Looks like underground problems caused this ConEd fire on Court Street between Union and President at 3:30 today."
Looks like the fire was in front of the health food store.  The smoke looks really thick.  Luckily, firemen were on the scene.

Thanks for letting everyone know, Andrew


Lynne said...

So glad to see this. Just walked home from ByBrooklyn and was assaulted by the smell all the way down on Smith Street. No one hurt, I hope?

Vinny said...

Ah, just saw this about 40 minutes ago myself. Court Street blocked off between Union & President, Con Ed on the scene but there also NUMEROUS explosions in the couple minutes I was watching, with more & more smoke pouring out.

In other news, the always horrible Rite Aid on Smith St between Union & Carroll lives up to their reputation by barely shoveling ANY of the sidewalk. Perhaps I'll submit a photo both here and Rite Aid CEO, public relations etc.

fred said...

@Vinny: These explosions are often the result of the corrosion brought by the salt and melted snow. A lot of commerce use to much salt in front of their store, before, during and after a storm for a poor result and increased problems like the one we experienced a few days ago on Smith street between Carroll and President Streets.
Walking on the snow is not a big deal when the weather is dry and cold; it's better than walking on frozen melted snow. Katia may correct me if I am wrong, in Germany they use gravel instead of salt, making it safer and it works.

Katia said...

Gravel, wood shavings or plain sand can all be used to provide traction when its icy outside.

Anonymous said...

So it wasn't the garish nail salon sign that shorted out the block?

Katia said...

Anon, that is very funny. I just burst out laughing.