Friday, January 24, 2014

Two New Townhouses Going Up On Same Block On Union Street

Looking through the 442 Union Street site towards 399 President Street, which the owner was also able to purchase.
A look at the demolition site at 399 President Street
And here is a view of the two story brick building at 399 President Street that was taken down
(photo courtesy of Google)

These days, every block in Carroll Gardens seams to sport at least one construction fence, as brownstones are getting renovated, enlarged or turned into condos.  At the same time, some brand news townhouses are popping up.
Currently, two new homes are being built on Union Street between Hoyt Street and Bond Street, on lots that have been vacant for a while.

At 442 Union Street, the foundation for a four-story building with a ground level apartment and a triplex above, is being dug.  The brick-clad town home is designed by Ramy Issac of Issac And Stern Architects, PC.  Its refreshing to see that the home will have a cornice.

The owner of 442 Union Street was able to simultaneously buy the lot directly behind it at 399 President Street, making this a rather unique property.   A small two-story brick building on the President side has been demolished, so that right now, one can look directly through the site from Union Street to President Street.  According to the DOB website,  a permit to "convert existing single family house to a two family house" has been granted for 399 President Street. Ramy Issac is the architect on that project as well.

Construction at 467 Union Street

Across the street, at number 467 Union Street, another new townhouse is going up.  This one will be a four story, single family home.  It is currently owned by Gowanus Upreal, LLC.

Once featured as a House Of The Day on Brownstoner, the original building at 467 Union Street was marketed by Corcoran as a teardown. After some time on the market, it was eventually sold for $377,000 in March 2012 to Jill and John Bouratoglou, the husband and wife team behind Bouratoglou Architect, PC.  Shortly after purchasing the property, the Bouratoglou's filed for building remits.

Right from the start, this project ran into major problems.  Back in September 2012. excavation work caused severe structural cracks to the neighboring building at 465 Union Street. In response, NYC Department Of Buildings imposed the first Stop Work Order for number 467. The agency also issued a Vacate Order to number 465.

In May, 2013, a second Stop Work Order was issued because the construction project had "changed the water course, blocking the natural water drainage under the foundation, creating flooding of neighboring properties at #463 and 465."

After construction had stalled, the Bouratoglou's sold the land to Gowanus Upreal, L.L.C. for $900,00 in June 2013.  Though the building actually started to go up, more problems were in store for the new owner.

Next door neighbors continue to experience problems stemming from construction.  One of the twenty complaints listed on the DOB website cites water coming through the common wall, causing flooding in neighor's basement, wrecking the boiler and blockage of the chimney.
A new Stop Work Order was issued on January 6th, 2014.

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