Monday, February 03, 2014

Sunoco Station At Hamilton Avenue Near Huntington Street Is Now Closed. Dunkin Donuts Open For Now

Reader Arby wrote in to report that he had noticed that "the Sunoco Gas Station at 289 Hamilton Ave, ( Between West 9 St And Huntington St. ) has closed. They have removed all the gasoline pumps and are removing the fixtures from inside the store."

Sure enough. All the pumps are gone. The Dunkin Donuts store in the small Sunoco 'mart' building is still open, as notes on the window clearly indicate. Not sure for how much longer…

With rising real estate prices, gas stations are becoming increasingly rare. Where do you fill up in the neighborhood.


Anonymous said...

I pulled in there a couple of weeks ago and they had signs on all of the pumps that there was no gas. I thought that was pretty weird, now I see why. At least for now there are plenty of other gas station options on Hamilton. Maybe another gas company has bought the lot to build a new station - it could happen.

Anonymous said...

They had the highest prices on the strip anyhow....

Nooka said...

The entire lot is now boarded up, signs are down. Do we have any idea of what the plans are for this space?

Katia said...

Just checked DoB records. There is only mention of pipe and tanks being removed. I would imagine that this lot would need a re-zoning if plans are to turn this into a residential development.

On the zoning mao, it is identified as 'transportation' and not residential.