Monday, February 03, 2014

What Happened To Luna Rossa On Court Street?

I had always intended to check out Luna Rossa, the Italian eatery at 552 Court Street near 9th Street.  I guess I must have missed my opportunity.
I walked past there about two weeks ago and saw that brown paper had been taped to the windows.  A sign indicated that it had closed for renovation and that it would soon open under new management.
I walked past there again over the week-end after a reader sent me the following message:
"Do you know what is going on with Luna Rossa on Court St.? They've been closed awhile now and they were one of my favorites in the hood. Would really hate to lose them for good."
No renovation is currently taking place and there is no indication that a new management is in any hurry to re-open.
Surprisingly, there is no mention of the closure on the restaurant's web site.

Though Luna Rossa was a bit off the beaten path, it seemed to have a loyal following.  Was it one of your favorites in the neighborhood as well?
Does anyone know what happened?


Anonymous said...

My family also loved Luna Rossa, by far our favorite pizza in the 'hood. And we have also been curious about what happened. I know it was rarely packed, but they seemed to do well on delivery. Hope they're ok and they come back soon (either in this spot or someplace else closeby).

Lucy said...

We were fans of Luna Rossa; they had great pizza and were reasonably priced. hope they come back!

Anonymous said...

I went there once maybe 6 or 7 years ago and had one of the worst pizzas I have ever had and never went back. Maybe I just caught them on the wrong night, but they never managed to get much of a crowd. Somehow the place managed to stick around far longer than I expected, especially being all the way down Court St, past where a lot of Carroll Gardens/Cobble Hill residents would bother to venture until recent years.

Anonymous said...

I saw in the real estate listings that this building was for sale. Change of ownership probably drew them out.

Anonymous said...

Very sad, it was great pizza, and they were so nice.

Anonymous said...

You missed nothing.

Jocelyn said...

I'm super sad about this. We live nearby and ate there fairly regularly. The food was fantastic but the place was never crowded. It's a shame.