Monday, March 10, 2014

Rite Aid On Smith Street At President Street Gets A Make-Over


You may have noticed that the Rite Aid at the corner of Smith Street and President Street is celebrating a re-opening.  The store actually never closed, but has undergone a major remodel in the past few days.
The major difference is that some of the signage and shelves have been replaced with newer ones and the products have been slightly re-organized.
Most importantly, some of the decals have been removed from the store front's windows so that the outside light shines right into the store.  It looks a whole lot more open now.
One can only hope that the remodel will inspire the manager and his staff to actually keep the plaza in front of the store a bit cleaner.  A whole lot of trash accumulates in those tree pits on a regular basis. And dare we hope that the spindly cherry trees that were vandalized in front of Rite Aid will be replaced by sturdier ones?


Anonymous said...

I think the "new" Rite Aid looks great, but a word of advice to whomever is responsible for planting the trees. Please don't use such young trees -- they need plenty of water, care, and attention, none of which the existing (and previously dead) trees received. They even fell victim to school kids who felt they had a right to bend the trunks and break fragile limbs as they clowned their way home after school. Cherry trees are beautiful and I'd love to see them mature, but if they're going to be used again, they need to be older specimens in order to have a chance to survive.

Anonymous said...

Rite aid doesn't care about curb appeal. Worthless plantings. No iron kick guards. No place to park bikes or tie dogs. They even hacked down two healthy flowering trees. they upscaled the interior but still sell same crap as all the others. Why not hire a proper landscaper and give the neighborhood back it's trees. I believe the original bid for this store included live trees, not sticks with leaves.

Anonymous said...

Instead of a remodel of the store itself, why not a remodel and retraining of the staff?

Anonymous said...

I live around the corner and the staff there is almost always nice and helpful. They have gotten much better at moving the lines quickly. The front is so hard to keep clean because of all the traffic from the subway, the food truck, and one small garbage can.

Anonymous said...

this is really a case of putting lipstick on a pig! this is the worst store ever. they never have anything on the shelves, no body is ever in the store and there's always a line. I don't even know how that's possible, but they manage!

Anonymous said...

@ anonymous 2:40 pm Not sure what Rite Aid you shop at, but I have NEVER found the staff at this location to be helpful in the least.

This is truly a store of last-resort for me. If there is nothing else open and nowhere else to buy it, I will shop there, but not for a discretionary purchase.

Until our neighbors value service over convenience, this store will thrive. As another commenter noted, they make no effort to clean the plaza, maintain the trees, etc. Their business is based on proximity to the subway, so traffic from the subway is a huge net benefit to them. They should act as a better neighbor.

Anonymous said...

RiteAid is not hearing our suggestions, I suggest we boycott it. If everyone and their neighbors stop shopping and use their pharmacy where the money are, I bet Rite Aid will start listening. We need to speak in a language this store can understand.

Anonymous said...

Rite Aid is just a tenant in the building and the landlord is actually in charge of the trees, snow removal and that fenced in area that was recently cleaned up. (Rite Aid does not own that). If you have a problem with those things you need to take it up with the landlord. That is how the removal of those hobo shelters got done. BTW good luck getting any of that stuff to change, the landlord is extremely lazy.

Jim said...

To Anonymous March 11, 2014 11:45 AM:

You usually get back what you put out.

Outlaw said...

I go to Rite Aid only if I have 15 minutes to wait in line to buy one item .... one cashier while "managers" wander the aisles. Hate the place.