Friday, March 07, 2014

'Smith And Butler' Boutique Will Be Replaced by Bologna-Based WP Lavori Clothing Store


Yesterday I posted about Smith And Butler, the clothing boutique at 249 Smith Street and was wondering was being remodeled or if the store had permanently closed.
I received an email from Sam Dolnick, who pointed me to Smith and Butler's Twitter page for a definite answer. The owners confirm the closing when Dolnick asked. Their answer: " sorry- we had a good run during tough economy… However our friends' WP store is moving in! Just as good."
WP Lavori is a worldwide licensee of international clothing brands with stores in Europe.  The company is based in Bologna, Italy.

In the past, WP has partnered with Smith and Butler and recently operated a shop-in-shop at 249 Smith Street.  Obviously, WP has now taking over the entire store.

What's Going With "Smith And Butler", The Motorcycle/ Hipster Clothing Boutique On Smith Street?


Jim said...

Looked at the WP website. The clothes are dorky as hell, and super expensive.

They must be expecting some super rich nerds with bad taste to move into the neighborhood.

Anonymous said...

According to Brownstoner, another upscale clothing retailer- Rag & Bone- is opening up on Court st where the Downtown Bar is.