Wednesday, April 16, 2014

As Predicted, Big Apple Gourmet Now Defunct

Big Apple Gourmet at 303 Court Street at the corner of DeGraw Street has just closed it's doors for good.  It's end was predictable ever since a hand written "Store For Rent" appeared in Mid-March, though the store had only opened  six months before.
As of a few days ago, the business is officially closed and most of the store has been emptied.
Only the outside flower action remains for the time being.

Big Apple Gourmet was owned by Billy Solmaz, who also runs Pacific Green, a popular Cobble Hill store at 303 Court Street at Pacific Street. In June 2013, it was reported that Solmaz was being forced out of his Cobble Hill location by his landlord, because national retailer J.Crew had penned a ten year lease for the space. Everyone seemed happy that Solmaz was able to relocate to the corner of Court Street and DeGraw Street.
But strangely, Pacific Green is still very much open to this day. Perhaps, J. Crew pulled out of the deal or Solmaz was able to renew his lease on Court Street at  Pacific Street.

I spoke with the flower vendor outside Big Apple yesterday and he seemed hopeful that another grocery store would be opened in its place.  Till then, he was going to continue selling flowers outside the store.

Of course, this location was once the home of Mastelone's, an Italian deli/superette that is still very much missed by many in Carroll Gardens.


Anonymous said...

It's certainly possible that J. Crew pulled out since their pending acquisition by Uniqlo. Acquisition targets usually put expansion plans on hold or cancel them entirely as they're taken over.

Anonymous said...

How about some facts, 10:49?

The Uniqlo acquisition of J. Crew was never confirmed, and Uniqlo has said they are no longer in talks and that there is no deal.

The J. Crew takeover of the Pacific Green space is held up because PG is suing their landlord over the whole ordeal.

Anonymous said...

10:49 here... Thanks for the update, 12:41. So much to read, so little time. I'm a bit behind in keeping up with my business media. No harm, no foul, and no need to get snarky.