Saturday, April 26, 2014

Coming Soon: 'Shelsky's Of Brooklyn', Bigger And Even Better On Court Street

Sheslky's current location at 251 Smith Street and below
the new Sheslky's Of Brooklyn location at 141 Court Street
Shelsky's Smoked Fish at 251 Smith Street, purveyor of the best smoked and pickled fish on this side of the Brooklyn Bridge, is moving from Smith Street to Court Street and getting a new name. Owner Peter Shelsky told me last week that he and his new partner Lewis Spada have signed a lease on Court Street and will be opening Shelsky's Of Brooklyn at 141 Court Street in the space formerly occupied by Mexicali, right across the street from Trader Joe's.  The new store is being designed by architect Eric Safyan and should be ready for a mid-May opening.  The much larger space will allow Shelsky and Spada to offer even more delicacies.
Peter writes:
"We’re extremely excited to be able to offer a whole new array of different goodies. From local, pastured farm-fresh eggs, caviar, eastern european/russian food stuffs and snacks, British goodies, French goodies, more canned fish items from around the world and more. We will also be slowly introducing a small section with Falafel and other middle eastern goodies as a shout out to our Sephardic Brothers!"

It's great to see a local business thrive and expand. Lucky for us, Shelsky's of Brooklyn will only be a few blocks away from the original location.  Wishing Peter and Lewis lots of luck.


Anonymous said...

A tip to build good will, when opening, it would be nice for customers to be invited to taste. The smallest tidbit. When they opened on Smith Street, I would have become a customer if this had happened. Even a little morsel of bread.

Anonymous said...

I desperately wanted to love this place but I thought it was too expensive and the set-up was awkward. Maybe a change of location, expanded concept, and influx of cash from an outside investor will keep this guy in business for a couple more years.
Normally I'm more sympathetic but the last time I was in there Shelsky was behind the register griping on his cell-phone to his buddy about how slow business was while the latino cooks/dishwashers were doing all the work including taking my order. I will admit, he did finish his call in time to take my $17 for a bagel sandwich and coffee though he wasn't very friendly about it.