Saturday, April 26, 2014

To Catch A Thief In Carroll Gardens

Gaia DiLoreto in her "By Brooklyn" store
The purported "money clip thief"
footage from By Brooklyn's security camera

Gaia DiLoreto of "By Brooklyn", a small store on Smith Street that sells products exclusively made in Brooklyn, is asking help in catching a thief who stole a $68 money clip from her store on Tuesday, April 22. When she noticed that the leather clip was missing from the display shelf, she first checked the store sales receipts, but realized quickly that it had not sold. So she watched the security camera footage and saw a customer putting the item into his pocket in the video's 20-23 second mark.

I stopped by to see Gaia yesterday and she informed me that she has filed a police report with the
76th Precinct.The clip was hand-stitched in Red Hook by artisan Alfred Stadler.  "This is small neighborhood store," she told me.  "By stealing it, the person not only stole from my store, but also from the craftsman who made it."
Gaia is determined to catch the thief.  She has posted the video on the store's Facebook page and is asking for help in identifying the person.


Anonymous said...

This truly makes me sick. this guy should be ashamed of himself and I hope they find this idiot.

Unknown said...

Some people really suck. I hope they find the guy.

Anonymous said...

Did they find this creep?