Friday, April 11, 2014

Good-Bye Gowanus Silo: Phase Two Of Lightstone Group Demo Begins On Bond Street

Rendering of Lightstone Project on the shores of the Gowanus Canal (via Lightstone Group)
363 Bond Street (on the left) and 365 Bond Street (on the right) in fall 2013
The same view on Thursday this week
The building at 363 Bond Street that will be demolished early next week
The silo at 388-400 Carroll Street slowly being demolished
The iconic silo at Carroll Street on the shores of the Gowanus Canal will soon fade into history as  Lightstone Group has begun to dismantle the structure to make way for its 12 story, 700-unit rental complex. The Department of Buildings has issued demo permits not only for the silo, but also for a one story brick warehouse at 363 Bond Street at First Street which is in the footprint of the development.
In late December 20013, a similar old building at 365 Bond Street between First and Second Streets was taken down.
According to a flier that was placed on cars parked near 363 Bond Street, the area will be blocked off on Monday, April 14th at 6 AM, presumably for the demolition of the building.
Asbestos remediation was already  underway yesterday.

As for the Silo at 388-400 Carroll Street, it is being dismantled piece by piece and will most probably be gone by next week.  Until recently, the lot was known to many in Brooklyn as The Gowanus Grove/ Brooklyn Yard, where hundreds gathered on Summer week-ends for concerts, movie screenings and quite a few marriages.


Ben U. said...

The asbestos abatement already happened months ago -- they were up on the roof for weeks doing it. What's coming is just the demo. Great... more noisy machines outside my window every morning!

Anonymous said...


Unknown said...

The entire neighborhood was shaking as they broke ground, feeling like mini earthquakes every few minutes on some days.

We love our current place (2nd between Bond and Hoyt) but we're going to find somewhere new by the time this opens. This area is going to be hell with all those extra people.

Anonymous said...

I am curious what the breakdown is, size-wise, of these apartments. Studios, 1 bedrooms, 2 bedrooms? This is has the possibility of flooding PS 32 with new students…

Katia said...

That's the least of the problem. Speaking about flooding, this site was under water during Hurricane Sandy. And though the development will be raised above the flood plain, it is still in FEMA Flood zone A and the surrounding streets will be under water. The residents will have to be evacuated.

Anonymous said...

Waite a minute!
The Department of Buildings lists 400 Carroll streeet as Landmarked. How can they just destroy it with our a review?

DOB Special Place Name: 400 CARROLL ST = LOT 15
DOB Building Remarks: 402 CARROLL ST = LOT 19
Landmark Status: L - LANDMARK

Katia said...

Perhaps Number 400 is the little brick structure next to the Carroll Street bridge, which is landmarked as well. I don't think that is slated for demo.
Just checked the permit again and it does only mention Number 388, not 400.

Anonymous said...

Newer buildings fared much better during the hurricane than older buildings. The school overcrowding is actually VERY big deal, not one to be brushed off.

tr said...

Does anyone have any photos of the interior of the silos or know what the interiors were like? I had always wondered what was in those things, and they are of course long gone now

Katia said...

I believe the previous owner lived there.

Enid Coleslaw said...

Very fond memories of the silo from 2007. It was my first time in Brooklyn...heck, in NYC in fact, and I was tramping about in the cold looking for it as it was the gig venue for ISSUE Project Room then. By the time I found it my mitts were frozen off.

If I recall correctly I had to climb the stairs to a second storey where the show took place. Unforgettable venue. Haven't had a chance to return to Brooklyn, so a little sad that it's gone.