Monday, May 05, 2014

D'Amico On Court Street Just Got A New Coffee Roaster

Joan D'Amico in front of her new coffee roaster
Frank D'Amico Junior
For decades, the smell of roasting coffee in Carroll Gardens would lead one to D'Amico, the much loved family owned business at 309 Court Street .  However, since the roaster caught fire in October 2012, owners Joan and Frank d'Amico have been roasting their coffee in Red Hook.
Luckily, they just received delivery of a brand new Dietrich coffee roaster.  It's pretty impressive looking.
I happened to walk by on Friday afternoon,  when the machine was still standing on the sidewalk.  It certainly caused many people to stop in their track to admire it.

The D'Amico family has operated its business at this location since 1948.  All through 2012, the owners Frank Junior and Joan had been dealing with an anonymous 311 caller, who had complained about the smell of roasting coffee. The same person had also called in a few false alarms to the Fire Department.
The 311 calls had prompted a visit from an New York City's Department of Environmental Protection inspector, who told the d'Amicos that they needed a costly after-burner to reduce the smell.

If the 311 caller  is still living in the neighborhood, he/she may be interested to know that the Dietrich roaster makes "roasting coffee 50-60% more energy efficient and cleaner by orders of magnitude than any other roaster on the market."


Anonymous said...

One can only hope that the 311 caller has left Carroll Gardens in favor of a cave in Montana. A very anti-social person! That is one beautiful machine; good for them. Long live D'Amicos!!

carmen said...

People from out of town move to this neighborhood because it has a small town feel.
Then they start to criticize all the things that make it so wonderful.

The smell of roasting coffee and fresh bread are missed when you leave the Hood.
I am sorry the Real Estate prices have caused Grand and great Grand children out of their family neighborhood.

Anonymous said...

So complaints about builders not following law are welcome and complaints about pubs breaking noise laws are welcome but D'Amico gets a free pass and if they don't follow law anyone who complains meets derision. Sounds quite selective.

Cathy said...

D'Amico's has been here roasting coffee for decades. If you don't like the smell, don't live near it. I love the smell of the coffee roasting and the bread baking. It makes us unique. Complain if you smell sewage, not coffee roasting!

Katia said...

Anonymous, D'Amico was in the process of addressing and investing in a new exhaust system already, before the fire. They pleaded with the 311 caller to give them sufficient time to update since they needed to get permits to do the work. They never tried to shirk their responsibility.

You can read more about it here:

I don't think you are being fair to Joan and Frank by comparing them to the owner of Buschenschank. More on him here: