Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Remedies Herb Shop To Open This Week-End At 453 Court Street

In just a few days, Carroll Gardener Cheryl Boiko will be opening a brand new herb store at 453 Court Street in Carroll  Gardens.  Remedies Herb Shop will be stocked with both medicinal and culinary herbs, as well as roots, barks, tinctures, loose teas and a salt bar. In addition, Remedies will have a mother-baby section, a pet section and will feature home cleaning products.  Cheryl will offer books on alternative healing and may offer lectures on the subject.

Cheryl takes pride in having sourced high quality, locally sourced herbs from reputable vendors who follow ethical practices.  When I stopped by to meet Cheryl to talk about her venture late last week, the wooden shelves of her store were already lined with old fashion glass containers filled with spices and herbs.

Remedies Herb Shop allows Cheryl to follow her passion. For the past few years, she has interned at Flower Power Herbs and Roots in Manhattan, and has apprenticed under well known herbalist Robin Rose Bennett.  Cheryl hopes to educate people about  alternative healing and wants to provide a resource where people can learn about a more natural approach to health.

The grand opening for Remedies Herb Shop will be held on May 31st, so stop on by, say hi to Cheryl and check out her new store.


angela said...

Love the pictures! The shop looks so inviting.

Anonymous said...

How much for 16oz of snake oil?

Unknown said...

That's why you're anonymous because you're an idiot who would never say that to her face. Try reading a book instead of posting ignorant comments that you can't back up in real time.