Monday, September 01, 2014

And So, I Returned To Brooklyn

I knew it was time to leave the Auvergne when the sunflowers that had been in full bloom  when I first arrived in July, dried out and sadly drooped their heads downwards.
So, with a heavy heart, my husband and I finished the last chores, said good-bye to friends and neighbors, closed our suitcases, and took one last photo of the house.
Before flying back to New York, we spend one more day in Paris,
and met friends for lunch at our favorite restaurant in the 15th Arrondissement,
We even stopped at the Rodin Museum for a stroll in the garden.
And then, after 8 weeks, we were back in New York, sitting in a cab riding towards Brooklyn.
photo 2-2
And because of jet-lag, my husband and I got up at dawn on our first morning back in Carroll Gardens, weeding the front yard. (photo courtesy of Mr. Pardon Me)

Slipping slowly back into our life here.  Stay tuned to posts about Carroll Gardens starting tomorrow.
I hope you had a great summer as well.


Carole G. Gardens said...

Welcome Back Katia!
Here's to a bountiful fall in Brooklyn :) We missed you and your family!

Mrs. G said...

Greetings Katie,

Glad you made it back safe and sound!
Looks like even MORE work awaited you in your garden eh?
Thanks for the "8 week vacation". I enjoyed "our" trip!

P.S. How do you keep birds from eating your coneflowers? Seems I grow mine just for the goldfinches to pick apart!

Katia said...

Thanks, Carole and Mrs. G. , it's good to be back.
Just wish it were less humid. Am looking forward to cooler days.
Mrs. G, i was never lucky with coneflowers until I bought these at Wayside Gardens. Available online.

Anonymous said...

Catching up with your blog and so enjoying the beautiful photos of your summer. Thanks for posting!

Katia said...

Thanks so much. Glad you enjoyed the photos.