Monday, September 01, 2014

Second Summer 2014 Project Almost Completed

There had been talk about a shed to store our firewood for the past two summers here in the Auvergne. So far, the wood was stacked up and protected by an unsightly tarp in the courtyard in front of our house.  There had to be a better method.
So began the planning.
After numerous trips to the lumberyard and Brico Dépôt, husband and son took elaborate measurements, made drawings and moved all their power tools outside.
And so began the actual work.
After pouring cement footings, four thick posts were lifted into position.
Everything was carefully leveled.
The neighbors came over to offer advice and the use of their portable Mafell band saw, which husband and son now covet, of course.
Meanwhile, I applied some dark protective stain to the beams to match all the other wood on the house.
By the time my son had to leave back to Brooklyn, the basic structure for the hut was in place.
A week later, my husband had added a roof and some cross bars for strength and stability.
And to prove just how strong the new shed actually is, he decided to demonstrate.
Unfortunately, there was not enough time to add the clay tiles to the roof. That will have to wait till summer 2015.


Agnes said...

Wow! Must feel nice knowing you accomplished so much this year. The shade garden looks love, too.

Katia said...

It sure does, Agnes. The boys were particularly proud of their accomplishments. There is already talk of a bigger shed for their toys.