Monday, October 06, 2014

Amidst A Row Of Pristine Brownstones, A New Townhouse (Slowly) Rises On Clinton Street In Carroll Gardens

Row of Brownstones on Clinton Street between President and Union Street, 
looking towards Cobble Hill
Same row looking towards President Street
The lot at 395 Clinton Street as it appeared in September 2013
Beginning of construction at 395 Clinton Street in September 2013
Construction of new row house at 395 Clinton Street in September 2014
Carroll Gardens has many beautiful blocks of ornate brownstones, but one of the most well preserved and elegant rows of old townhouses in the neighborhood must be the east side of Clinton Street between Union and President Streets.

All the homes still have their cornice, decorative window lintels and corbels, as well as their stoop and iron railing.

Until recently, the only gap on the block was created by an empty lot that belongs to the stand-alone house at 393 Clinton Street at the corner of Union Street. It was used as a parking lot for many years. The owner of #393 filed paperwork to separate the two lots a few years back in order to be able to build a brand new 3 story, 2 family residence with a penthouse on the site.

Construction on the new building, 395 Clinton Street, began in the fall of 2013. The architect on record is TMP Architectural, LP in Manhattan.

Construction has slowed down of late. The New York City Department Of Buildings issued a partial stop work order for the site in July 2014 for work without proper permits

Since this block, as well as most of Carroll Gardens, is unfortunately not protected through landmarking, one can only hope that this new building is going to be respectful of the integrity of the neighboring buildings.

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