Tuesday, October 07, 2014

Blue&Black, The New Barber Of Court Street

The large commercial space located at 488 Court Street between 4th Place and Luquer Street had been standing empty for a while, but over the summer Blue&Black, "new type of barbershop and apothecary," moved in.
Recently, we received more information on the new neighborhood business from owners Keith Krystofolsky and Anthony DeAngelis.

"BLUE&BLACK offers superior grooming in a chill and creative setting for guys to get a trim, a shave, or a fresh style. BLUE&BLACK isn’t your little brother’s “throwback” barbershop. You’ll find no handlebar moustaches or Edison bulbs here. Rather, you’ll find six chairs in an awesomely spacious, 900 square-feet chill-out pad with a fresh masculine vibe all its own. BLUE&BLACK’s decor nods to Big Sur with a touch of 60s/70s Scandinavia (think: wood, chrome, cream, and white, pops of clay, plant life, and of course Blue &  Black). BLUE&BLACK’s styling sensibilities run the gamut from normcore to hardcore, and focus on subtle touches that make the experience and the look unique. BLUE&BLACK’s attitude evokes the chill and laidback vibe of surf/skate culture… No pretense here, just great grooming in a chill setting from professions who aren’t simply barbers, but trusted style advisers who also become friends.

There’s beer from our neighbors at Other Half Brewery on tap and Manhattan Specials for a buzz; you just might hear your next favorite band while you peruse the BLUE&BLACK apothecary, which offers seasonal personal care, accessories, and tools for urban survival. Product and grooming lines include Malin+Goetz, Cool Grease, Civil, Blackbird, BRSH, Marvis, B├ílla Powder, and Wary Meyers. BLUE&BLACK brings the best of men’s grooming and lifestyle brands to the locals of the Carroll Gardens, Gowanus, and Red Hook neighborhoods."

Blue and Black is open every day except Tuesdays. Walk-ins are welcome.  More information can be found at www.blue&black.com


Rob said...

Looks like a direct compete with Persons of Interest on Smith St.

Anonymous said...

Finally, I can get a $100 haircut on Court Street.

Anonymous said...

Founded by a former employee from Persons of Interest.

Haircuts are $42, not $100. There's Damian's Hairstyling @ 417 Court if you're looking for something more affordable.

Anonymous said...

Not your "throwback"? Oh brother.
With all the beards out there how can anyone turn a profit in the barber trade?

Anonymous said...

I walked past Persons of Interest this past Friday evening and the place was PACKED!! Really surprised me. I guess there's room for another in the neighborhood.

Philip Van Cott said...

That was a funeral parlor when I was a kid. The chairs facing the Mirror was where the deceased was laid out, coffin , flowers and all. It was one step down from the sidewalk and the window was always open in the summer revealing the coffin and the body within. I always looked the other way while passing that window . It still gives me the creeps.