Tuesday, November 11, 2014

A Moment Back In Time: When "Chance" Was A Grocery

Photo credit: MP 
Photo credit: MP
Here is a look back in time.
Friend and fellow Carroll Gardener MP just wrote to say that she was going through some of her old photos and came across these two shots of 223 Smith Street at the corner of Butler Street.  They were taken in November 2000, when a grocery store/bodega occupied the storefront.
The space has been used by "Chance", an Asian bistro for quite some time now.
Does anyone else remember the T and J Deli?

Amidst MP's photos was also the one of 241 Smith Street, shortly after "Carniceria" closed at that location in 2007.  Before that it was Banania, a much loved French Bistro.
After Carniceria, it briefly became "Porchetta".
For the past few years, "Jolie Cantina" has been occupying the storefront.


Photo credit: MP


Donald said...

I don't think you could call that store a deli, I don't recall any sliced meats or them making sandwiches. They were well stocked with cleaning supplies. I believe they were also in trouble several times for selling alcohol to minors and at some point had their license revoked. To the left of the store, in the mid 90's was a pizzeria that never seemed to get their act together and missed the boom on Smith Street by a few years. In fact, that location has never seemed to be able to hold a tenant very long (Lola's was TJ's was Caserta Vecchia was...).

Norton Butler said...

I grew up on the block, and in fact I remember when that Deli got its yellow and orange sign--complete with flashing lights. I recall my parents complaining about the garish nature of the sign. Angry Wade's used to be the Grid and before that it was a black social club called like 12 Men or something with a number in it.

Thanks for the memories!

Anonymous said...

And lest we forget that American Apparel was a metal fabrication shop. I loved that place. They had a crimping device that made quilted aluminum for back splashes in diners or food trucks. They made several diamond crimped sheets for me. I love the old chaser light delis. Deli is a figurative term in NY. Doesn't always mean pastrami sandwiches. :) and I loved that T J Place, too.

Anonymous said...

Ohhhh, I remember when Jolie was Banania. I LOVED that place. Whenever guests came into town I would always take them there and they never disappointed. Sigh....