Thursday, November 13, 2014

Anne Et Valentin: French Eyewear Store Coming To Smith Street Soon

In recent months, quite a few new and mostly expensive eyewear stores have been popping up in and around the neighborhood. The trend seems to have started with Moscot on Court Street.
Smith Street in particular has attracted some new eyewear stores.  Just a few months ago, See opened at 160 Smith Street, though James Leonard Opticians and Oculus are each just one block away.

Obviously, saturation point has not been reached, because Anne et Valentin, a French eyewear design duo, will be opening a store at 200 Smith Street in Boerum Hill, Brooklyn.
They began their company thirty years ago in Toulouse.  Today, they have stores in Toulouse, Paris and one on Prince Street in Manhattan and  their designs are distributed worldwide.

From  Anne et Valentin's website:
From day one, rather than trying to adapt the customer to a frame,  Anne and Valentin opt for a deeper comprehension of who their customers are - how they move, live and think - in order to find, for each, the perfect frame,  dedicated to the customer’s unique personality and particularities.

So far all these new eyewear places seem to survive in the neighborhood. Obviously there seems to be growing market for more expensive glasses.

Where have you been shopping for yours lately?


Hooplehead said...

Gil at Insight Optical. Tried, true, and not gimmicky.

Anonymous said...

"a deeper comprehension of who their customers are - how they move, live and think " --
I just upchucked my dinner

Anonymous said...

Just what we need.

Anonymous said...

Yes. Insight Optical. The real Optometrist in the hood.
On Court for years. His staff so great. He has a small array of frames but it's not about that. It's about the care. The Leonard people on Smith are also very helpful. Moscot, yes, the oldest and most revived old time NY brand make there frames in China. Which saddens me. For professionalism their original store, although forced to move across the street after like 70 yrs at the same storefront, is better if you must buy their products. The other place on Smith charged me 5 bucks to tighten my sunglasses when the screw fell out on my way to the train. Had no time to see Gil at Insight. as a woman I've always been told, Men don't make Passes at girls who wear Glasses. Rock on Smith Street, I hardly know ye.

Anonymous said...

I read this fast as "French Eye Sore Coming to Smith Street". That isn't wholly wrong.

Unknown said...

I actually go to Sears in Long Island as it's near my parents and because it's really cheap and I have a light prescription. But the gentlemen at eyeglasses store on the corner of Court and Degraw is very nice as I've spoken to him while I was maintaining flowers in the containers in front of the shop.

Anonymous said...

Obviously everyone has their own place they like, so that is OBVIOUSLY the only place that should be allowed to open in Brooklyn since you are all the Original Gangstas of Brooklyn. Way to be closed minded.

Go trim your hipster beards...