Monday, December 15, 2014

Caroling Through Carroll Gardens: For The 8th Year In A Row, Trinity Pipes Delight Neighborhood With Their Beautiful Voices

Perhaps you were fortunate enough to run into the Trinity Pipes caroling through the neighborhood this past Saturday night?
For the eight year in a row, the Pipes have gathered to spread cheer by stopping in from of local establishments and beautifully decorated and illuminated homes.

The Pipes are all alumni from their college a cappella group (the Trinity Pipes of Trinity College in Hartford), who independently moved to Brooklyn.
The group has grown in recent years, as some former Pipes are now traveling into Brooklyn from other places in the Tri-State area to take part in the re-union.

I have had the pleasure of hearing the Pipes for the past four or five years now. I must say that it would not feel like Christmas at all anymore without hearing them perform some of their 'classics'.

Thanks, Pipes. You just keep on getting better. See you next year!


homesick said...

When I see and hear this, I miss Brooklyn oh so terribly.

Katia said...

Where did you move to?