Monday, December 15, 2014

El Milagro Opens Pop-Up Store On Smith Street. Will Get Permanent Home Across the Street In Spring

Owner Roberto LopezIMG_2342
El Milagro, a jewelry, gift, and home decor store has opened a Holiday pop-up location that will remain open throughout December at 180 Smith Street.
The merchandise is sourced from around the world by owner Roberto Lopez, who already owns similar store on 5th and 7th  Avenues and  Park Slope.  Come April, Lopez will be taking over Tony's Hardware Store at 181 Smith Street as a more permanent home for El Milagro in Boerum Hill.
You can follow El Milagro on Facebook here.


Castillo said...

Whoa, wait when did Tony's hardware store close?

Katia said...

I think they are still open to get rid of inventory, but the storefront has been for rent for a few months. More here:

Unred said...

How Sad - when I last asked he was sure that the new person taking over would keep it as a hardware store. This is disappointing

(Not Milagros, I wish them the best).

Anonymous said...

Milagros is pretty cool

Anonymous said...

😱😱 more junk. I mean. How many of these stores do we need within a 2 mile radius? One is enough. It's a nice enough shop but, really? A hardware store would have been better. At least we have Tonys until spring.

Anonymous said...

Sourced Frieda Kahlo magnets? Yeah. Ok.

Anonymous said...

Good luck to El Milagros, the rent is probably a fortune. They'll have to sell a lot of items... Too bad about Tony's Hardware closing. There have been several times when I've had to make unexpected trips to Tony's for apartment repairs. Where will residents go now for emergency plumbing supplies? Good luck to Tony in future endeavors!