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January 2015 Cooking Events At Court Tree Collective On Court Street

Court Tree Collective, the small gallery/event space at 371 Court Street between Carroll Street and First Place, has been hosting quite a few interesting events since they opened their door late last year. Besides exhibits featuring local artists like Orazio and filmmaker Mark Street, the gallery has hosted food and cooking events curated by chefs.

Just last months, the Collective was transformed into a wonderful Hong Kong-style noodle shop by chef Kar Yee to recreate the smells, tastes and memories of her childhood.
The event was so popular that  Kar Yee will bring the noodle shop back in late January.
Court Tree will also host a Cheese Tasting and a Meatball Making class at the beginning of the year.
Make sure to sing up to these events early

January 6, 2015 @ 7:00 pm - 9:00 pm  $38.00

Never be afraid of the fancy cheese shop again! In this guided cheese tasting, we’ll cover all the basics – from cheesemaking and history, to the science of taste and the art of presentation – all while sampling 8 phenomenal cheeses that represent the best of their region and style. Be ready to delight and impress your friends with your newfound cheese mastery! Wine will be provided – for educational purposes, of course.
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I call myself a cook, cheesemonger, goodtimes maker. I love nothing more than facilitating fun, memorable experiences around food. I first started cooking in high school when I became vegan (go figure) and needed to learn, well, for survival. I realized that I had a passion for studying cookbooks, exploring new flavors, and sharing the fruits of my labor with my friends and family.
Now, having worked as a cheesemonger, sustainable food advocate, kids’ cooking instructor, and serial restaurant intern, I’m calling on my skills to uncover and share the fascinating stories behind our food with hungry, curious New Yorkers. I look forward to dining with you!
Pam Brewer

January 17, 2015 @ 5:00 pm - 7:00 pm $30.00

Jay Goldstein is a busy professional who always found zen and happiness in the kitchen. He loves to create fun easy recipes! His weekly video posts on his website Chop Happy are always fun and a perfect example of a positive way to spread happiness and good food! He was a top ten finalist of Rachael Ray’s day time show for “Next American Cookbook Author” and the cook book idea was Leftover Remake! You take leftovers from the night before and a couple other ingredients and make a new meal. He also won Top Ten Best Pigs and blanket recipe on “The Daily Meal!” His dream is to be a food TV host and make people happy and enjoy life through cooking.

The Chop Happy Mission

Have fun through cooking and enjoy life to the fullest. Delicious food and cooking for someone you love can make the world a happier place and put more smiles on their faces! With Gratitude and Yummy Tummy Enjoy Chop Happy Land!

Story Behind The Meatballs:
I have lots of Italian friends whose families have amazing Italian mothers who would make the best meatballs. My Jewish dreams were filled with me being an Italian grandma in Italy making the best meatballs in the world. I tried tons of recipes and took from the yummiest parts of each. I soon found that instead of milk and bread that ricotta cheese worked better! I also always have leftover parsley and other ingredients and it would always go to waste! I decided to use those ingredients and the leftovers to make another amazing Italian meal, Ravioli Pesto. 
Jay Goldstein

In this class you will learn how to make Jay’s famous Meatballs and Pesto Ravioli from the meatball leftovers. This is a step by step class. We love Jay’s positive energy and great recipes and know you will too!

January 31, 2015 @ 5:00 pm - 10:00 pm | $12.00 EARLY BIRD SPECIAL 

Kar Yee Noodle Shop is back! From homemade broths, fresh noodles, to a flying dragon come experience a full Hong Kong take over.
Noodle Soup Menu:
Crispy pork
Wonton & scallion
Shiitake mushroom & tofu

I spent the first 6 years of my life in Hong Kong with my sister and Grandfather. On weekends my Grandfather would take us to the busy and vibrant street markets to eat. The variety of smells from the food vendors would fill the streets. The noodles became my favorite. Elbow to elbow, bowl to bowl, perfect strangers became friends. Sharing the love and appreciation for these simple yet intricate dishes. For myself, the noodle symbolizes comfort, my culture and the lasting memories of my time in Hong Kong. It’s a memory that will last with me forever.

Being the daughter of a Chinese chef, I have always been around food and have been inspired by it from a young age. Hong Kong style noodle soup is my first great memories of food. On November 22nd I will be preparing 3 Hong Kong inspired noodle soup dishes. Please join me at Court Tree. 
 Kar Yee

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Alyssia said...

Someone who's beginnings of sensory intakes were in the food sections of Hong Kong is going to have one incredible palate! Wow, wish I were in town those dates!