Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Lola's Tapas Bar On Smith Street Now Closed And For Sale

I just noticed that Lola's Tapa Bar at 221 Smith Street near Butler Street has closed its doors.  I must admit that I have never eaten there, but was told by a neighborhood friend that the food was actually quite good and that it was reasonably priced.
This location has gone through quite a few chanced one the past few years.  It was first  Caserta Vecchia, then TJ's Wood Burning Oven Pizza before it became Lola's.
Smith Hanten Realty his currently selling the business for $120,000.00.  The remaining lease can be taken over at $7,500 a month.


Anonymous said...

I really enjoyed Casserta Vecchia when it was here. It's a great space - big brick oven, nice backyard - so it's a shame nothing since then has been able to make it work.

Anonymous said...

Where have you been? This place has been closed for ages.

Taksa said...

Finally, that place was awful. And remember Casserta Vecchia that was there before? Also dreadful. Is this another cursed corner? Perhaps a non-food business will do better there...

Anonymous said...

I liked Casserta and TJ/Lolas. TJs and Lola was same person with slightly different menu.
Before Casserta it was a tapas place (they did most of the renovations that are still evident today) and before that was
typical pizzeria.