Thursday, December 04, 2014

Seeds Of Love: A Small New Neighborhood Coffee Spot At 421 Court Street

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Owner Phillip Ellis with his wife Keiko
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It is so tiny that you may have missed it while walking by, but Seeds Of Love,  a new coffee place just opened its doors at 421 Court Street between 2nd and 3rd Place in Carroll Gardens.
In addition to espresso, macchiato, latte, cappuccino and teas, Seeds of Love offers pastries and sandwiches as well as daily tourtes and a midday desert.
Owner Phillip Ellis, a corporate chef who lives in the neighborhood,  told me that he borrowed the name for his new business from the title of a  Tears For Fears song.  He also explains that it refers to the fact that coffee is actually a seed and not a bean.
The tiny storefront at 421 Court Street has been home to quite a few different businesses over the past few decades.  Ellis explains that numbers were once run out of the former carriage house.  Later, it became a candy store.  More recently, it was a clothing boutique.
Seeds of Love is standing room only, but there is a small counter close to the front window for those who want to linger.   Currently, the place is open from 7:30 am to 6 pm.  Ellis may move the opening time to 7 am if and earlier time accommodates his customers.
Seeds of Love will most likely become a favorite neighborhood stop for a quick jolt of caffeine and a bite to eat.  So leave the house a bit earlier next time and stop by to grab one of their coffees.


Anonymous said...

Nice alternative for people living at that end of Court Street running to the F at Smith and Ninth or Carroll.
Funny about Tears for Fears. That is a great song. Rock on. Would be nice if they had less average baked goods. Considering what's available out there.But I'm sure they will figure it all out. I'll take a midday dessert any time. ;)
Where does your coffee come from? Or is it house roasted?

Jim said...

Their homemade chocolate /blueberry and banana muffins are to die for. Great coffee, especially the dark roast. Excellent customer service as well.

Jim said...

My wife and made another visit to Seeds of Love on Sunday and got turned on to a new treat (actually two new treats). First, french toast fresh out of the oven, and a jar of homemade granola that's great with yogurt or honey. I highly recommend both.