Friday, January 30, 2015

After Closing And Re-Opening, Savoia On Smith Seems Closed Again

Back in April 2014, Savoia, the popular Italian eatery and wine bar at 277-279 Smith Street here in Carroll Gardens, closed its doors. Many in the neighborhood said that they would miss the restaurant's casual atmosphere, brick oven pizza, focaccia and great wine list.
So, when Savoia re-opened two months later, local residents seemed thrilled. However,  after the re-opening, the restaurant downsized into the storefront at number 277 Smith Street and vacated # 279. The owner explained to a PMFA reader that the rent was too high to continue leasing both spaces.
The restaurant also seemed to have undergone a name change to 'Re Savoia'. At least that was the name taped on the windows.

Sadly, it appears as though Savoia may have closed again. There is been no sign of activity either for lunch or for dinner these past few days.
Does anyone have information? Is this finally it for this once popular eatery?


Trumbull Bully said...

Bully here...

This is a real bummer. I only tried this spot after it re-opened, and I really enjoyed it both times. Wife Bully and mini-Bully both agree. It would be a shame if this place is gone for good.

Side note - I asked the owner about the "RE" part of the name. "Re" is "king" in Italian. So the name is an allusion to the House of Savoy in northern Italy. Hopefully this restaurant has not met a similar fate.

Katia said...

Bully, thanks for the info about the name. I thought is stood for the prefix re, like in 'again'.