Monday, January 12, 2015

What's Up With The 16 Handles Store On Court Street?


You may have noticed that the 16 Handles store at 349 Court Street  between President Street and Union Street has been closed since just after Thanksgiving.  Mail has been accumulating under the front door,  a tv screen has been removed and seating has been stacked up and moved to the side.
There are no signs in the window indicating why the store is currently closed, but a quick search on 16 Handles ' web site stated that the Carroll Gardens store is closed for the season.  However, most of the other locations of the frozen yogurt franchise seem to have stayed open this winter.  Besides, the Court Street store stayed open year round since it opened its doors in April 2012.
Does anyone know what is up?  Is it likely that the store has closed for good or is there really a chance of it re-opening in the spring?

January 22
So, 16 Handles just confirmed via email that they have closed their Carroll Gardens location.
see the email below.  And as of a few days ago, the storefront is for rent.  So now we know.


Jill said...

Really? that's terrible! It seemed like such a nice place for peeps with kids and it was always busy.

Anonymous said...

I've been enjoying their pink plastic spoons and waxed cups littering the neighborhood since 2012. I hope they never reopen. Though the owner did make a smaller sign when we complained which was nice. But the plastic has got to go.

Anonymous said...

Why don't you just ask the greedy sleezebag that owns it-

What kind of reporting is this?

Anonymous said...

I just received an email from 16 handles saying that the location was permanently closed.

Unknown said...

The "plastic" spoons were actually biodegradable, for what it's worth. I will miss that place

Anonymous said...

Never ate their frozen slurry of chemicals, although I must agree with the other commenter that their cups and spoons were found everywhere in the 'hood. I could never figure out why people would choose to eat that garbage when Antonio at Monteleone's makes homemade gelato and sorbet with fresh ingredients a few doors down (although only during the warm months).

C.G. family since before St. Agnes was built said...

I guess there were more people who complained about the place (even before it opened, if I recall*) than supported it.

Granted FroYo isn't as good as Gelato, but if there was support for new, honest wholesome businesses then we might not be talking about their closure.

* "WE" complained about their colors, we complained about their sign, we complained about their sign Lights - - - remember?

Katia said...

"We" remember all too well. I am still glad I originally posted about the bright neon sign and that we got a positive response from the company, which lead to a slightly more muted sign. But after that, the store was always busy. I don't think the closing really has anything to do with lack of business.