Wednesday, March 04, 2015

A Wonderful Little Film About Esposito & Sons Pork Store On Court Street


Carroll Gardens resident Brinda Adhikari, likes"filming slice of life videos and music videos that illustrate the stories of every day people's lives." She recently filmed a wonderful 4 minute film about one of the oldest remaining family-owned businesses in Carroll Gardens, Esposito & Sons Pork Store.
She writes:

"I have been living in Brooklyn for 12 years and in Carroll Gardens for the last 8 and a half years, during which time, like many CG residents, I have had ample opportunity to experience the wonders of Esposito's Pork. I have always wanted to make a short film about those guys - and I finally did."

What a gem. Thanks so much for filming and sharing this with the rest of the community, Brinda.
Amidst all the news of store closings in the neighborhood, this is so hopeful.


Teri said...

LOVE George and da' guys! ❤️

Anonymous said...

Love these guys. But has anyone looked at their prices? Oh my god. It's worth the drive out to Bensonhurst.

Gary Dolan said...

Lovely. Thanks for posting, Katia.

Anonymous said...

Great piece. Love that spot. those guys are the best.

Kristen In London said...

Loving this all the way from London; my husband used to live on President between Court and Clinton, in the 80s, and I remember this place well. I wanted the film to be MUCH longer! Have you seen "Russ and Daughters"? Also a perfect NYC film. Well done, congratulations!

Anonymous said...

The Italian Sandwich is severely overpriced and comes with very little meat. When I'm paying that much for a sandwich, it should be stuffed full. As for the Rice Balls, they are no doubt the best in the neighborhood, no question better than Ferdinandos, but Esposito's raised the price on those too. Summary: Some of the best food around, but prices especially for the sandwiches are not warranted and are above market price. I pass this place 4 times a day and I'll certainly be back for some arancini.

Mary said...

What a wonderful video--and store and people! Thanks for sharing this.