Wednesday, March 04, 2015

Carroll Gardens Knitters Heartbroken About Stolen Package Containing Hand-Made Hats Meant For Children With Cancer

(photo courtesy of  We Care Blankets)

Besides hosting a weekly 'Knit and Crochet Group' at Farmacy every Wednesday, Carroll Gardeners Rosalie Wysokowski and Harriet Libstag have been involved with We Care Blankets, a 501 (c)3 charity organization.   Based on Long Island,  the organizations mission is to provide a handcrafted blanket and/or hat to every child who is undergoing cancer treatment.
Harriet and Rosalie and their fellow neighborhood volunteers have been busily knitting. Their hand-made items have been delivered by We Care Blankets to local hospitals like Maimonides, Wyckoff, Lutheran and Brookdale.
Rosalie's friend Ruth, who lives in Florida, has been especially busy, contributing a large number of knit hats to the effort.  On January 28th, Ruth sent a package containing 80 hats to Rosalie's address here in Carroll Gardens via the United States Postal Service.  The hats were going to be forwarded to We Are Blankets with the items crafted by the ladies here in the neighborhood.
Unfortunately, Rosalie never received the package.  The USPS tracking number indicates that it was delivered on February 3rd, but no postman ever rang Rosalie's doorbell, nor did anyone sign for the package.  The post office has been of little help in finding it.  Rosalie suspects that USPS just left it on her stoop and that someone stole it.
"That person is probably selling the hats on some street corner," she told me.  "Ruth's work is just beautiful."
Harriet added: "Ruth puts so much time and effort into these hats. It breaks my heart for her and the children who will not be receiving such a lovely gift. My concern is how do we stop this from happening again. Since I live here I have had one package disappear and I am always worried when I order my very large supply of yarn."

Of course, all the hours spent lovingly knitting these hats can never be replaced, even if the yarn can.
But how about giving Harriet, Rosalie and their friend Ruth some encouraging words to let them know they rock?


Anonymous said...

Here's one way to avoid the USPS which is really becoming increasingly abominable of late. I'll spare you my horror stories. Use UPS instead, even though it costs a bit more. Go to my, open up a free account, select the options you like, and whenever a UPS-shipped package is coming to you, you will receive an email from UPS one day prior to delivery (note that the sender must ship the package by UPS as well). The email provides a delivery window, so you'll know the approximate time your package will come, and you can keep an eye out for it. It works really well for me.

Katia said...

Sounds like sound advice.

Molly Talbot said...

I was fortunate enough to teach Harriet's grandson years ago. I was pregnant at the time and she made me the most beautiful blanket for my daughter, who will be 12 this month. We still have Harriet's blanket, I'm saving it for my grandchildren.

Thank you both for what you do. I'm so sorry to hear this terrible story. I hope somehow that those hats show up.

LOLAFALK said...

I'm so sorry this happened - I really hope the package somehow finds its way back to you! It may be small consolation, but the work you do is so important and beautiful - the universe has a way of evening these things out, I know from firsthand experience. Your good heart and generosity are an inspiration :).

Katia said...

Wonderfully said, Lola.

Unknown said...

I have had MULTIPLE, recurrent, neverending instances of USPS delivering my package to the wrong address in the neighborhood. I hope, for humanity's sake, that it is returned to you and it was simply a misdelivered package.

If someone stole this, well, karma is not kind. Is there a way to donate to replace at least the materials used to create these hats?

God bless these knitters -- what a kind and loving act. So sorry this happened.

Anonymous said...

Same happened to me....USPS told me that it was 'delivered' but looked on security camera and nothing was delivered at time noted. Lost xmas presents.

Anonymous said...

USPS could have left it inside the door. Or rang the bell. Which they never do anymore. Sadly these hats r probably in the trash now. It would be nice if they were found.