Thursday, April 09, 2015

Dassara, The Ramen Noodle Place On Smith Street, Is For Sale

It would appear as if Dassara, the Ramen Noodle eatery at 271 Smith Street between deGraw and Sackett Streets, is up for sale.  PMFA spotted an ad for the 1,200 square foot commercial space in the window at Smith Hanten Realty.
The restaurant is being sold with all its kitchen equipment for $180,000. The monthly rent is $8,500.
It seats 55 and has an outdoor seating area in the back.

Dassara opened on Smith Street in 2012, having taken over the storefront from 'new american' restaurant 'Chestnut'.

This winter has been very tough on restaurants in the neighborhood.  Quite a few businesses have called it quits.   There are currently quite a few empty storefronts along Smith Street that are looking for a new tenant.

I just received an email from Justin DeSpirito of Dassaro. he wanted to give everyone an update on what is going on with the restaurant.  He writes:
"We are exploring moving to a different space in the neighborhood, but haven't taken any serious steps other than to list the space to see if we can get a good offer to cover the cost of moving. Our plan is to stay where we are unless many different moving pieces miraculously fall into place soon.
We'll keep you in the loop if anything does materialize.

In any event, we're adding on a new seafood concept for the summer that we are really excited about and should have details over the next couple of weeks. We had a first tasting last weekend and think that it will be a hit in the neighborhood

Thanks for the information, Justin.  Glad to know that you and your restaurant will continue to be part of the community either at the present location or at a new one in the neighborhood.


Anonymous said...

Reached out to the owner (Justin DeSpirito for comment):

"Not closing yet. We're looking to move to a new location in the neighborhood (slightly smaller space) if we can get a buyer at the right price for our current space."

Anonymous said...

What a shame, love that place!

Anonymous said...

I know there will be many people lamenting this, but the reality for a while has been that the food here is terrible. It's not ramen. It's hipster white people ramen. Go to the fabulous Ganso, or their new Ganso Yaki on Atlantic instead.

Colin said...

This is really bad news to hear. I always liked going to Dassara, the staff was friendly and the food was great! Now I don't know where I'll go for my ramen fix in the neighborhood.

Goodbye, Dassara! It was good while it lasted!

Jimmy from Brooklyn said...

Not surprised or saddened. Was never a fan of the service there. If only the owners of Ganso would move in.

chance bliss said...

to complain that it's "hipster white people ramen" is a bit silly and besides the point because Dassara's entire premise was to offer a mash-up of ramen culture with other cultures.

so, of course, it's not "real" ramen. it's different ramen, and, at times, it was really nicely done and fun. yes, Ganso is great (highly recommend it) but the two restaurants were never really in the same category - it's like comparing red sauce "Italian" restaurants with Brucie and their take on cuisine from Italy.

i used to go to Dassara a fair amount, but stopped when i felt that the atmosphere wasn't as lively anymore. it may have had something to do with the lack of enthusiasm from the staff. it felt like the passion had waned.

maybe a change of scenery will also bring a change of heart and fortune.

Anonymous said...

$5 it will become a nail salon.

Anonymous said...

Wowza. This neighborhood is so dead.