Thursday, April 16, 2015

San Francisco-Based 'Marine Layer' Opens Its (Very Blue) Store In Cobble Hill

San Francisco-based retailer Marine Layer, maker of casual men’s and women’s clothing, has just opened the doors of its Cobble Hill store at 195 Court Street. It is the brand's second New York City store. (The first one is located on Bleeker Street in Manhattan.)
True to its name, marine blue seems to be the brand's trademark color.  Matching the clothing in the store, blue subway tiles have been attached to its façade, and the entire building has been painted to match.

The prices for the clothing are predictably high, but as the retailer's web site notes,  Marine Layer thinks "it’s better to pay a little more for a shirt that you really like."
Hm, as long as you have the money and don't max out your credit card, I say.

Until recently, the storefront was home to Goldy + Mac, a small trendy women's clothing and
accessoires boutique. Before that, it housed Bococa Café.


Anonymous said...

This is one of the new stores on Court St who did a lot of work inside and will be gone in a year..They overprice their clothing and I think that is the never see anyone in the stores.

Anonymous said...

Prices don't seem too bad for the mens clothing considering they're made in America (by adults). I'll def check this place out.

Jimmy from Brooklyn said...

Bought a Marine Layer shirt in the Levi's store last year on clearance...Does Levi's have a interest in them?
Anyways back to the shirt. The threading around the button hole came undone the next week. Oh well.

Anonymous said...

The prices are ok to fair given most or all their clothes are made in California, i.e. not Pakistan, Tunisia, or China to name a few.

Anonymous said...

"Great"-- because it wasn't bad, boring, arrogant enough that lame boutiques had to open locations both in Cobble Hill/Caroll Gardens AND Park Slope... Now some schmucks from San Francisco want to deaden the streetscape even the further? The inane suburbanization of NYC continues apace, "awesome."