Friday, June 05, 2015

Citibikes Are Coming To Our Neighborhood: Help Plan For The System

The New York City Department Of Transformation will be hosting a Community Board 6 Bike Share Public Planning Workshop on Thursday, June 11th at 7 pm at PS 58 in Carroll Gardens.
Come to find out about the program and help DoT plan for expansion of Citibike into CB6 for the system here in our neighborhood.

The meeting is co-sponsor by Council Members Brad Lander, Carlos Menchaca, Ydanis Rodriguez, Borough President Eric Adams, State Senator Daniel Squadron, Assemblymember Jo Anne Simon, Brooklyn Community Board 6, Carroll Gardens Neighborhood Association, Cobble Hill Association, Park Slope Civic Council, and Park Slope Neighbors.


Anonymous said...

So exciting!! Thanks for the heads up.

Anonymous said...

Pedestrians beware. More bikes on sidewalks, going wrong way on one-way streets, going through traffic lights. The city is not a great place for bikes to coexist with cars and pedestrians.

chance bliss said...

the city is a wonderful place for bikes to coexist with cars and pedestrians!

once new yorkers begin to adopt european cycling practices, it will be a more breathable, sharable city.

until then, then yes, there are a lot of obnoxiously ignorant bicyclists out there, but i still welcome citi bikes coming to our neighborhood.

Anonymous said...

Oh, wonderful. Something else to take away even more parking space in the neighborhood.

Anonymous said...

Are there any options for those that don't have a credit card, are lower income, or can't afford to take a potential $1200 hit if a bike is stolen or damaged. It seems disenfranchising.

I am also tired of cyclists riding the wrong way, not observing traffic signals, and riding on sidewalks.

Patricia Pasquale said...

# of people killed, maimed, seriously injured in Brooklyn by cars, trucks, buses in 2015?

# of people killed, maimed, seriously injured in Brooklyn by Citi or other bikes in 2015?

And I own a car, and if it means THAT much to me to find "easy" parking, I'd pay the $$$.

Whol told anyone they get a "free" parking spot when they moved here?

Granted, I'd love to revike the ** ILLEGAL ** curb cuts some schmucks made but the city seems disintereted...