Friday, September 18, 2015

Mayor De Blasio Was In Carroll Gardens On Friday Afternoon. Does Anyone Know Why?

Mayor DeBlasio with local resident Triada Samaras on Second Street this afternoon
(photos by Triada Samaras)

My good friend Triada Samaras was surprised to find Mayor Bill de Blasio sitting on a bench in a neighbor's front yard on Second Street this afternoon. She went out to enquire what was going on and ended up speaking to De Blasio for a few minutes.
Samaras, who is an artist and a neighborhood activist writes:
"Just now, I overheard Mayor DeBalsio talking on a cell phone outside my window and so I went outside to greet him. I asked him if he remembered me? I am quite a vocal activist in my neighborhood and we have clashed on some issues to put it mildly.
He said "Yes." We posed for this nice picture here. While we disagree on development, I do like his work in public education and I told him so. I wonder if he thinks the Gowanus Canal is still "not very dirty"? Does he remember Carroll Gardens Coalition For Respectful Development?"

So, does anyone know why the mayor was in the neighborhood?

PS: another reader spotted him in front of Buddy Scotto's funeral home later on.


Triada Samaras said...

My crystal ball says he was here to see Buddy, Katia. Re-election planning perhaps?

Landlord said...

Good luck on that!

nancy said...

I love DeBlasio. He is our best Mayor yet. I love to have a photo with him.

Anonymous said...

and he was spotted dining at Frankie's