Friday, September 18, 2015

Josephine, A Carroll Gardens Resident, Just Got The Best Send-Off At Racugglia's

(photos courtesy of Walking and Typing)

At Racugglia's Funeral Home.

Josephine Russo, a local resident, from Henry Street and DeGraw Streets must have been quite a character, Let us hope she has as much fun in the after-life as she seems to have had while alive.

'Walking and Typing' sent us these photos and writes:  "What great send off. I waited around for some sort of jazz procession."

Reader Anthony, who knew Josephine explains:
"Degraw and Henry Streets will never be the same … Josephine was this amazing woman who happens to have a equal amazing son. She was pure love."

Reader Melissa confirms that Josephine "was an amazing woman loved by many."

I apologize for assuming that the wreaths were for someone named Henry. Melissa explains that the flowers on top of the car spell out Henry Street.

Thanks for the clarification Melissa and Anthony.

I was just contacted by Josephine's niece who writes:
"The flower arraignments you saw actually said Henry Street and the funeral was for my aunt who lived on Henry Street her entire life. Her name was Josephine and she loved gambling, shoes (hence the shoe arrangement), and patron. I just wanted to straighten everything out.

Thank you so much for reaching out, Alexandra. I am sure the entire neighborhood joins me in sending our respect and condolence to your family.

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Anonymous said...

Lovely. Though they spelled "You're" wrong. Probably cuz of space.
This neighborhood is loosing many Josephines.
And weep again, Racuglia says they won't be putting their neon sign back. Even though the guy said it was being repaired. :(