Wednesday, September 09, 2015

Smith Street Deli Gets A Make-Over

Smith Deli at 301 Smith Street as it appeared until a few weeks ago.
And how it looks now, during renovation.
301 Smith Street
301 Smith Street
301 Smith Street
301 Smith Street
In early 2014, Smith Deli at 301 Smith Street at the corner of Union Street changed hands.
Back then, a few readers expressed concern for its future. One reader wrote to PMFA to say:
"I do hope they don't transform it from a tiny grocery story (which came in handy so many times) to more of a junk food dispensary (there is already a bodega two blocks down that has undergone a similar transformation.) While having 20 different kinds of Doritos available day and night is amusing, it's less useful than being able to buy spaghetti sauce, SOS pads, soup and other grocery items in a pinch."

For the past year, there has been little change at the deli, but just recently, a construction fence went up and the deli has been closed for "minor interior work." It would appear that the store will also get a whole new front.

One can only hope that the renovation is meant to improve the bodega, not to transfer it into a different business altogether. Because honestly, the neighborhood needs delis more than it needs nail salons, banks or juice bars.

Does anyone have more information about this business? Will it continue to be a deli?


John said...

From what an employee there told me... it's now owned by the same people who run Smith's Finest on the other corner. They're going to focus more on healthier/organic foods, as well as beer (since Finest doesn't sell it). Still a bodega.

I miss Smokey, the big fat bodega cat that lived there.

Katia said...

Thanks for the info, John.

Anonymous said...

If the neighborhood "needed" stores like that, we would support them, and they would be able to pay rent. But we don't support them (as evidenced by them disappearing), so I think you need to reevaluate your use of "need" there.

Anonymous said...

Calm down people. The original owners of smith deli retired.
These new people at smith finest with the huge sign took it over.
Smokey was dying from diabetes until neighbors stepped in and had him taken to the vet.
Smokey hopefully recovered. He was taken in by the original owner's daughter.
The original storefront has been revealed by this construction. You can see the cast iron supports with fluted sides and little Corinthian capitals. I asked them not to cover them up again. :(
Yes. Smokey. The other kitty, shorty, sadly died.