Tuesday, December 08, 2015

A Moment Back In Time: John Malvasio, 85, Remembers Life In South Brooklyn

Screen images and video courtesy of Grete Suarez

You may remember Grete Suarez's wonderful film about enduring mom and pop stores in Carroll Gardens that PMFA had the pleasure of posting a few weeks back.

Suarez has been covering the neighborhood as part of her journalism graduate studies at Columbia University and she just completed another great video. This time, she interviewed long-time resident John Malvasio, who, at 85, shares some of his childhood memories in South Brooklyn and dispenses advice to the younger generation in this delightful little movie.

Suarez told us: "I hope people will stop and give him a hug next time they see him!"
It is safe to say that after watching this little gem, Mr. Malvasio will get many hugs.

Once again, thank you for allowing me to share your video on PMFA, Grete.

Here is a bit about Suarez:
Grete Suarez is a multimedia journalist based in New York. She's originally from Sydney, Australia, and have lived in Madrid, London, and Hong Kong working in the financial sector before deciding to become a journalist. Grete is currently honing her skills as a graduate journalism student at Columbia University, and is an avid coffee drinker.

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Alicia said...

Mr. Malvasio is so eloquent, and has beautiful eyes.