Monday, December 07, 2015

Christmas Tree Lighting And Santa Claus Drew Many To Carroll Park This Past Friday Night

Assemblywoman Jo Anne Simon
Councilmember Brad Lander, Assemblywoman Jo Anne Simon and State Senator Daniel Squadron
Former Assemblywoman Joan Millman
Bruce Mc. Donald of Friends of Carroll Park

The yearly Christmas tree lighting in Carroll Park drew a huge crowd this past Friday night.
It was wonderful to see so many families take a moment during this busy season to join fellow Carroll Gardeners for this special event.
Thanks to the Court Street Merchants Association and Friends of Carroll Park, the tree lighting has become a tradition in the neighborhood.  As in years past, our elected officials took part in the celebration and sang along to "Let There Be Peace On Earth" with the crowd.

The children could barely contain their anticipation.  When the lights were finally turned on and began sparkling in the night, it seemed like magic.

The star of the evening, of course, was Santa Claus.  He was waiting for the children in front of the park house, where he listened to all the wish lists that were whispered in his ear.

It was a perfect beginning to the Holiday season here in Carroll Gardens.

Thank you to the following sponsors who helped make this event possible: Body Elite, D’Amico Coffee, Families First Chiropractic, Mazzone Paint & Hardware Centers. Also thanks to Ridgewood Savings Bank for once again providing and serving delicious hot chocolate and cookies; and Travel Bar who joined in this year with their own home-made cider. And a special thanks to Luis Soto, the man behind the beard.


Anonymous said...

So nice to see everyone from the neighborhood and the kind sponsors! I have to admit I've been getting fed up lately with one of the businesses adjacent to the park, Esposito's. Just yesterday about a half hour before their posted closing time, they literally slammed the door shut in my wifes face and were crass, citing they're closed with no explanation while customers were still in the store. Also a week ago I went in there for prosciutto balls and was given a major attitude from the shopkeeper. George & John have become different people in the past couple of years. They used to be gentlemen like their father, now, presumably based on the volume and popularity of their business, they've changed. They act disrespectful to their customers and Santino is even worse. It's nice to see that other shops in the neighborhood like Caputo's, Monteleones, D'Amicos, etc. have still maintained a down to earth friendly neighborhood charm, unlike the thugs at Esposito's.

Anonymous said...

We were there! Did you notice us? My kids were the ones with the light up toys! Boy, did those vendors make a fortune!!!

Katia said...

Apparently, those lights were $10. I would say the vendor took advantage of a very nice neighborhood event. I would like to point out that it is illegal to sell anything in a public park without a valid City permit. I doubt this vendor had the required permits.
I can assure you that none of the Tree Lighting organizers asked him to be there.
I feel sorry for all the parents who forked over the money.

Landlord said...

My elderly mom once went to Esposito and asked for 2 pieces of sausage--she was asked by George if she was having a party! Nasty! She had been shopping there for years. I remember going to Espositos since they were on Union Street. She hasn't been back since.

jackie from designsmitten said...

well when you have a child and are waiting a long time for things to get underway you reluctantly shell out $10 for a light (which she's still walking around with 3 days later :-).
it was a lovely event....I only wished it had all been in the reverse order! snacks and festivities, tree lighting, speeches. I'm sure I'm not the only one with a kid there wishing it hadn't dragged so much. oh well....we love our community any way you slice it :-)

Katia said...

Great advice, Jackie.
Will pass it along to the other members of Friends of Carroll Park and to the Merchants Association.

Anonymous said...

Those type of vendors are at every event and every park. The balloon guy and the ice cream truck are at Carroll Park pretty much every day it has decent weather. Parents either decide to get something or tell their kids no. I bet a lot of them were happy to have them while the politicians and vendors gave their speeches.