Friday, December 04, 2015

Georgian Khachapuri Cooking Class At Court Tree Colllective

Looking for a gift for the food lover on your Holiday list?  Or perhaps you would like to expand your own culinary repertoire? Then you may want to take advantage of this Georgian cooking class at Court Tree Collective on December 13th from 12pm to 3:30pm.

Court Tree Collective presents cooking from the Republic of Georgia with chef Marina Berger. We are super excited to bringing something from this region of the world. It's the first time we have done something from Georgia and could not be more excited. Please don't miss this opportunity to bring culture and fine cooking into your life. A perfect Holiday gift as well!!

Khachapuri is a cheese-filled bread found throughout the Republic of Georgia. Though it takes on many forms, Americans are probably most familiar with Ajaran khachapuri — a boat-shaped yeasted bread, filled with cheese and topped with a runny egg and butter. In this class, I’ll teach you how to make the Ajaran classic, as well as Imeretian khachapuri, where the cheese is encased in a yogurt-enriched dough. Finally, we’ll make lobiani: not strictly considered a type of khachapuri, the cheese filling is replaced with red kidney beans (a Georgian staple) mashed with onions and coriander. We’ll conclude class by sitting down to eat what we’ve made, along with a classic Georgian salad, homemade tarragon soda, and a taste of Georgia’s unique amber wine.

Marina Berger is a Manhattan-based personal chef. As the daughter of Soviet immigrants, she grew up eating dishes from all the former republics without knowing much about their origins. When she realized that some of her favorite “Russian” dishes were actually from Georgia, she began to dig deep into this rich culinary tradition with her supper club, Salt & Pomegranates.

The cost of the class is $55. Sign up here!

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