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Wednesday, December 09, 2015

Work Finally Underway For Former Met Food Supermarket On Smith Street

Rendering for 205 Smith Street courtesy of A and J Acquisitions
The former Met Food shortly after it closed
205 Smith Street with just erected construction fence
Back in the summer of 2014, the Met Food Supermarket on Smith Street between Baltic and Warren Streets in Boerum Hill closed its doors for good. Though it was once rated one of the five filthiest in Brooklyn, it had served many in the neighborhood and its closing was felt throughout the community.

The 10,000-square-foot one story building that housed the supermarket had been put up for sale by its owner and was bought by retail investors Jackson Group, Aurora Capital Associates and ACHS Management for $18.5 million in May 2014.

The companies plan to take down the existing structure to rebuild a 30 000 sq.f. two-story retail building. Recently, a construction permit to that effect have been approved by New York Department of Buildings.

The permit reads:
Removal of exterior and interior walls as shown on plans, erecting new façade and interior partitions. Also the addition of second floor plumbing and mechanical as per plans. Change of use, egress and occupancy.

Think! Architecture is listed as the design firm.

In the past few days, a fence has gone up around the property and work on 205 Smith Street has begun. Construction workers are currently busy with interior demolition.

Brownstoner reported yesterday that a worker indicated that a new supermarket will be moving in after work is completed.
Though we can all hope that a (reasonably priced) food market will one day occupy this space, the architectural rendering on one of the owners' web page would clearly indicate other plans. It also lists the property as available in 2016.

What type of retailer would you like to see there?


Anonymous said...

With the both the Pathmark on Hamiliton Ave and Key Food on 5th Ave both closing, the supermarket options in the neighborhood are dwindling...really zero. I guess there's still the Key Food on Henry Street, the supermarket on 9th Street and 5th Ave and the Key Food on 7th Avenue. (I don't think the market on Bond across from the Gowanus Houses is a viable option.)

Unfortunately, Whole Foods and Trader Joe's stock only thier own brands and Fairway is super-inconvenient if you need just a few things. And let's not even talk about the prices at Whole Foods...

That said, having a QUALITY supermarket on Smith Street (even one with elevated prices) is better than having some other retialer. It would be nice to get off the subway and pick up a few grocery items without having to schlep somewhere.

Hope we don't wind up with yet another "artisinal" establishment--just somewhere to buy pantry items would be nice for a change.

Fred said...

A nail salon! We need a nail salon..

Anonymous said...

Work has actually been going on for some time. They've been dismantling the interior by pieces and bringing it out through the doors. Last time I walked past before the fence was up most of the floor was gone - just the structural beams remained.

Anonymous said...

We need a good supermarket option badly -- very badly -- somewhere you can buy regular groceries without emptying your wallet for a handful of items. Forget the artisanal stuff or (as mentioned by a poster on Brownstoner) "curated produce." Curated produce?? There's plenty of that to go around already, Some say, well, people don't cook anymore. Well, many people still do and need a place in their own neighborhood where they can do their everyday shopping. Now that the 5th Avenue Key Food is closing, there goes another option. Key Food on Henry leaves something to be desired, but at least the location didn't close when Met Food vacated. As for C-Town on 9th Street, if you don't have a car, the idea of having to take a train or two buses just to get groceries is absurd. Who's got the time to do that? Don't get me wrong -- I shop the Greenmarkets when I can and local greengrocers for produce, and I occasionally pop into Union Market when I need something special or something considered "gourmet" -- but I will not do my routine grocery or produce shopping there. Yes, I know supermarkets don't make money, but it's a necessary community service and someone has to be willing to provide it. I'm not asking for dirt cheap, but neither do I want to spend $50 for a handful of items. I remember the abundance of choices in CG when I was growing up here. The lack of those choices today is sad and a real disappointment. Let's hope that the Smith Street supermarket rumor turns out to be reality and that it's a useful, convenient, and viable asset to the neighborhood.

Anonymous said...

Smith Haute Couture it says in the rendering. What an oxymoronic statement if ever was.
Well, after closing one key food it would be swell if they moved right back in. One can dream can't one?
And that key food on Clinton is juuuust fine for basics.

Cynthia said...

I'm with Fred and hope it's a nail salon. The space is large enough that there could even be a Thai restaurant AND a nail salon. Could we be so lucky?

I just discovered Amazon Pantry which delivers the basics. I will explore this option further.

Rob said...

This place most definitely needs a real grocery store that stocks the kind of stuff you'd find a Pathmark or Key Food. Right now there's basically C-Town on Bond and that's really tiny and the selection isn't great. While I like Trader Joes and the prices of stuff there is decent, you can't get everything and you're limited to their brands. It's also a hike to get to if you live down near the Carroll St stop.

Anonymous said...

In addition to a nail salon and another thai restaurant, what about a bank and eye glass shop? That's what is needed on Smith St.

Louise said...

VOMIT... wtf do the new $$$ peope do for food anyway, all delivery and/or have the nannies bring it in? Union Market is pathetic and though they have plenty of Mexicans stocking the shelves, they curiously lack even a basic selection of Speish or Mexican ingredients (funny how that works out).